Additionally, Blizzard is Diablo 4 Gold looking to increase the rate that players can earn Legendary and Set items, so that players who have lapsed can more rapidly increase their Combat Ratings and participate in content of higher levels.

"In Immortal's present form it's possible that a player can catch up in experience, but their Combat Rating is too low to be able to participate in many activities," Blizzard notes.

While the catch-up system updates aren't scheduled to happen immediately, other adjustments are. Players will soon be able re-customize the facial appearance of their characters. They will also be at a single location to fight many Helliquary raid bosses with diablo immortal's next significant update, scheduled for on the 14th of December. The update will also incorporate enhancements to the game's newly implemented Set crafting system for items and new stories.
Diablo Immortal is co-developed by China's NetEase games which has been in partnership for many years with Blizzard to release games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch in China. Blizzard recently announced it would be ending its partnership with NetEase this year, which could mean multiple Blizzard games going offline in the region. Support for Diablo Immortal in China, however, will not end, because that game's coverage is by a a separate agreement.

It is likely that a Diablo 3 Season 28 is as inevitable as the next revival of Diablo. In the coming month, Season 27 will begin to buy Diablo IV Gold close and Season 28 will begin to claw its way out of the Burning Hells.