A&G is a solutions provider for customer across various industries and our core business, focuses on machinery rental and trading. We also provide maintenance and repair services for various machinery for our customer.

We are constantly equipping and updating with new products to cater for the constant changing industries in order to keep abreast with the local and international market.

A fork lift is an apparatus with a telescoping lower section, or “jib”, that can move loads by elevating them above the ground, to the jib. They are used in warehouses and on construction sites for handling pallets of goods or materials. Fork lifts are powered by diesel engines. When not in use they can be parked within easy reach of the work area and then picked up as needed.

Scissor lift are an effective, efficient way to lift a load of material when it is not in the best condition to be moved. The scissor lift is a type of crane that uses large scissors assemblies that can be raised and lowered for vertical movement on their own, or attached together for horizontal movement.

This small piece of machinery proves itself up front and center as the go-to option if you need to raise any weight such as building materials, cars, or even people.

A boom lift, also known as a tower crane, is an elevated work platform used for lift heavy loads by means of an aerial supporting structure. Boom lifts employ one or more counterweighted jibs that support the platform and allow it to rotate abou      t a vertical axis. The acronym 'boom' comes from the outrigger beams that support the jibs on each side of the boom.

A telehandler is a vehicle, generally a forklift, that can be operated remotely by telecommunication linkage. A remote control handler may have one or both of:

-a mechanical control device, such as levers or joysticks; and/or

-a pendant controller, which sends coded signals to the machine's distant operator station.

The operation station typically includes screens and other dashboard instruments for reading what the vehicle sees and feels, steering it with joysticks or levers to desired coordinates.


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