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Who should take the Scrum PSM II: Professional Scrum Master II Exam

The Scrum PSM II: Professional Scrum Master II exam test is targeted towards anyone out there aspiring to become a Scrum Master. The certification and training are suitable for members and managers of Scrum teams, teams transitioning to Scrum, and all other professionals who wish to pursue their careers as Scrum Master.

The Agile approach has influenced the world by surprise. The demand for practitioners with experience in agile methodologies who can properly handle and implement agile projects has risen in agile software environments. One can be qualified in these techniques by having a Scrum Master Certification. At the same time, this qualification serves as concrete evidence for employers searching for people with these skills. So it is worth developing an interest in Scrum and take the Scrum PSM II: Professional Scrum Master II exam test.

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How to book the Scrum PSM II: Professional Scrum Master II Exam

Follow the steps listed below to apply for the Scrum PSM II: Professional Scrum Master II Exam:

  • Step 1: Visit the Scrum Master Certified PSM II section under the “Certifications” tab on the SCRUMstudy website.
  • Step 2: Register your account and click Apply for the exam.
  • Step 3: Pay $250 or use a voucher.
  • Step 4: Submit required documents online.
  • Step 5: Access Scrum Master Certified course (Online or Instructor-led) and get a copy of guide books.
  • Step 6: Schedule the two-hour exam online.

Scrum Professional Scrum Master level II (PSM II) Sample Questions (Q17-Q22):

What should a Development Team do if they don't understand a functional requirement?

  • A. Work with the Product Owner to determine what is possible and acceptable.
  • B. Request a specialist to be added to the Development Team.
  • C. Move the item to a future Sprint.
  • D. Complete as much as possible and add the remaining work as a new Product Backlog item.

Answer: A


What must the Development Team do during the first Sprint?

  • A. Create a potentially shippable product Increment that includes at least one piece of functionality.
  • B. Create a project plan in order to map functional development to Sprint dates.
  • C. Analyze and estimate the requirements for the subsequent Sprints.
  • D. Only design and develop the architecture and infrastructure.

Answer: A

Sprints promote iterative and incremental development.

An organization wants to apply Scrum to build a new product and has hired Steven to be the Scrum Master of three new teams that will build the first release. The organization is new to Scrum and asks Steven for advice on how to start.
Which two things should Steven first advise? (Choose two.)

  • A. Each Scrum Team has its own Product Backlog with items only their team will be working on.
  • B. Having one Product Owner to be accountable for maximizing the flow of value throughout the development process and provide transparency on the overall progress.
    The Scrum Master serves the organization in several ways, including: Leading and coaching the organization in its Scrum adoption; Planning Scrum implementations within the organization; Helping employees and stakeholders understand and enact Scrum and empirical product development.
  • C. Three Product Owners, one for each Scrum Team.
  • D. One Product Backlog to represent all of the known work needed to be done for the product.

Answer: B,D

What is the most appropriate action for the Scrum Master to take if the Product Owner is having difficulties managing the Product Backlog?

  • A. Offer the Product Owner help in understanding that the goal of ordering the Product Backlog is to maximize the flow of value.
  • B. Have the Product Owner order the items based on size, having the Development Team work on the smallest items first.
  • C. Delegate the work to the Assistant Product Owner.
  • D. Delay the Sprint in order for the Product Owner to have enough time to prioritize the Product Backlog.
  • E. Have the Development Team order the work instead of the Product Owner.

Answer: A

The Product Owner's primary concern is the flow of value reflected in the ordering of the Product Backlog.

As a Scrum Master, you observe that the Product Owner is not collaborating with the Development Team effectively.
What action would you take?

  • A. Act as the go-between.
  • B. Coach the Product Owner.
  • C. Send the Product Owner to training.
  • D. Nominate a proxy Product Owner.

Answer: B

A Scrum Master coaches those inside and outside the team on the values of Scrum and incremental delivery.


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