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Exam Topics for AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

The following will be discussed in AMAZON ANS-C00 exam dumps:

  • Design and Implement Hybrid IT Network Architectures at Scale
  • Manage, Optimize, and Troubleshoot the Network
  • Configure Network Integration with Application Services

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Understanding functional and technical aspects of AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty Design and Implement AWS Networks

The following will be discussed in AMAZON ADVANCED-NETWORKING-SPECIALITY exam dumps:

  • Propose optimized designs based on the evaluation of an existing implementation
  • Derive an appropriate architecture based on customer and application requirements
  • Determine network requirements for a specialized workload

The ANS-C00 exam is a challenging certification that requires extensive preparation and knowledge of AWS networking technologies. Individuals who pass the ANS-C00 exam will become certified as an AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty and will be recognized for their expertise in designing and managing advanced networking solutions on AWS. This certification can also lead to better career opportunities and higher salaries for individuals with advanced networking skills on AWS.

Amazon AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty (ANS-C00) Exam Sample Questions (Q22-Q27):

Which port range must be allowed through a NACL to ensure all return traffic is successful?
Choose the correct answer:

  • A. 65,000 - 65,535
  • B. 1024 - 65,535
  • C. 80 - 443
  • D. 0

Answer: B

1024 - 65,535 is the full "ephemeral port" range.

Your organization needs to resolve DNS entries stored in an Amazon Route 53 private zone
"awscloud:internal" from the corporate network. An AWS Direct Connect connection with a private virtual interface is configured to provide access to a VPC with the CIDR block A DNS Resolver (BIND) is configured on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance with the IP address within the VPC. The DNS Resolver has standard root server hints configured and conditional forwarding for
"awscloud.internal" to the IP address
From your PC on the corporate network, you query the DNS server at for
The query is successful and returns the appropriate response. When you query for "server.awscloud.internal", the query times out. You receive no response.
How should you enable successful queries for "server.awscloud.internal"?

  • A. Update the security group for the EC2 instance at to allow UDP Port 53 outbound.
  • B. Relocate the BIND DNS Resolver to the corporate network.
  • C. Configure the VPC settings for enableDnsHostnames and enableDnsSupport as True
  • D. Attach an internet gateway to the VPC and create a default route.

Answer: C

When an AWS Config rule is triggered a JSON object known as an AWS Config Event is created.
This object contains a(n) ____ attribute, which is a JSON-formatted set of key/value pairs the receiving AWS Lambda function processes as part of its evaluation logic.

  • A. ruleConfiguration
  • B. invokingEvent
  • C. mappingTemplate
  • D. inputParameters

Answer: D

The JSON object for an AWS Config event contains a ruleParameters attribute, which is a set of key/value pairs that the AWS Lambda function receiving the event processes as part of its evaluation logic. You define parameters when you use the AWS Config console to create a custom rule. You can also define parameters with the InputParameters attribute in the PutConfigRule AWS Config API request or the put-config-rule AWS CLI command. The JSON code for the parameters is contained within a string, so a function must parse the string with a JSON parser to be able to evaluate its contents Reference: mple-events.html

An organization will be expanding its current network design. When fully built out, there will be 99 VPCs spread across 11 AWS accounts (9 VPCs per account). There is currently an AWS Direct Connect connection into one account with 9 VPCs, each with a virtual network interface (VIF) per VPC.
Which of the following designs will minimize cost while allowing the organization to expand?

  • A. Create a transit VPC in the existing account that consists of two routers in separate Availability Zones.
    Connect each VPC to the two routers in the transit VPC by using VPN.
  • B. Order 10 new Direct Connect connections, one from each of the accounts that will be provisioned.
    Create private VIFs in each account. Attach one private VIF per VPC.
  • C. Create a public VIF on the Direct Connect connection. Leverage the public VIF to create a VPN connection to each VPC.
  • D. Create hosted private VIFs in the existing account. Connect a private VIF to an AWS Direct Connect gateway in each account. Connect the gateway in each account to the VPCs.

Answer: A

A company has an AWS Direct Connect connection between its on-premises data center and Amazon VPC. An application running on an Amazon EC2 instance in the VPC needs to access confidential data stored in the on-premises data center with consistent performance For compliance purposes, data encryption is required.
What should the network engineer do to meet these requirements?

  • A. Configure a private virtual interface on the Direct Connect connection. Set up an AWS Site-to-Site VPN between the customer gateway and the virtual private gateway in the VPC.
  • B. Configure a public virtual interface on the Direct Connect connection. Set up an AWS Site-to-Site VPN between the customer gateway and the virtual private gateway in the VPC.
  • C. Configure an internet gateway in the VPC Set up a software VPN between the customer gateway and an EC2 instance in the VPC.
  • D. Configure an internet gateway in the VPC Set up an AWS Site-to-Site VPN between the customer gateway and the virtual private gateway in the VPC.

Answer: B

Traffic is not encrypted on a DX connection. In order to use AWS VPN you must use a Public VIF.


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