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Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Given a set of business requirements, recommend an appropriate Salesforce multi-cloud or AppExchange solution
  • Given customer expectations around data volumes
Topic 2
  • Given a scenario in which the designed solution is being implemented
  • Given a scenario in which the design document is being shared
Topic 3
  • Eensure that stakeholders are appropriately enabled to manage the solution moving forward
  • Define the strategy to migrate data
Topic 4
  • Design and map a sharing and visibility model for a B2B multi-cloud Salesforce solution
  • Given the identified business needs, vision, and current customer landscape
Topic 5
  • Define the incremental steps necessary to reach the recommended future end state that supports business outcomes
  • choose the preferred method for integrating data across different clouds

Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect Exam Sample Questions (Q57-Q62):

Universal Containers (UC) delivers packaging solutions to its customers based on volume schedule, which is part of a contract that UC is closing. Customers place orders against these contracts, and the orders are maintained in an ERP system outside of Salesforce.
Employees of UC want to track invoicing payment status on a monthly basis so that they can identify early when customer orders fall short of the contractual target.
Which two solution components should a Solution Architect recommend to meet this requirement?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Invoicing payment status sync between Salesforce Billing and ERP
  • B. Opportunities and Opportunity Products from Sales Cloud
  • C. Orders and Order Products from Sales Cloud and a MuleSoft integration with the ERP
  • D. Product and Revenue Schedules from Sales Cloud

Answer: C,D

orders and order products are objects that represent customer requests for products or services after a contract has been signed or an opportunity has been closed. Orders and order products can be used to track fulfillment status, invoicing status, revenue recognition, and contract compliance.
Orders and order products can be integrated with external systems using MuleSoft, which is a platform that enables data integration and API management across different applications and sources. MuleSoft can help sync data between Salesforce and ERP systems, such as order details, inventory levels, payment status, etc.

P&C Hardware is a large manufacturer of computer components and already has an extensive Salesforce technology stack including MuleSoft, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Field Service, as well as Shield capabilities. P&C Hardware is in the process of launching an online store based on Salesforce technology that's supposed to go live in 6 weeks. P&C Hardware needs to analyze performance to identify bottlenecks and optimize the configuration using its agile process with weekly releases. So far, P&C Hardware has covered similar requirements for other technologies using a third-party monitoring and alerting tool it deployed in the cloud.
What are two viable options a Solution Architect should explore in more detail with the client?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Leverage Shield Event Monitoring in conjunction with the Salesforce Debug Logs, and establish a regular review process for the Operations and Administration team.
  • B. Leverage the B2B Commerce built-in performance monitoring dashboard to analyze performance in near real time.
  • C. Leverage Shield Event Monitoring and MuleSoft to provide monitoring data to the third-party monitoring and alerting solution that's already in place at P&C Hardware.
  • D. Leverage Shield Event Monitoring in combination with the CRM Analytics Event Monitoring app as a simple out-of-the-box solution.

Answer: C,D

Leverage Shield Event Monitoring and MuleSoft to provide monitoring data to the third-party monitoring and alerting solution that's already in place at P&C Hardware2. This option can help P&C Hardware leverage their existing investment and expertise in their cloud-based monitoring tool, while integrating it with Shield Event Monitoring and MuleSoft to capture and analyze performance data from their Salesforce technology stack.
Leverage Shield Event Monitoring in combination with the CRM Analytics Event Monitoring app as a simple out-of-the-box solution3. This option can help P&C Hardware quickly set up a performance monitoring dashboard using pre-built reports and dashboards from the CRM Analytics Event Monitoring app, which can be installed from AppExchange. This app can provide insights into user activity, adoption, performance issues, security risks, and more.

Big Server Company sells complex server solutions to customers through a reseller channel. Resellers will purchase complex servers as well as have warehouses to store quick need products for their customers, such as additional hard drives and cables. Big Server Company currently uses Salesforce CPQ for its Sales team. Big Server Company would like to be able to give resellers easy access to purchase warehouse type products through B2B Commerce; however, the company would also like to allow resellers to request additional discounts for large volume orders from the Sales team.
Which recommendation should a Solution Architect make to integrate B2B Commerce and Salesforce CPQ to accomplish this request.

  • A. Utilize an integration software, like MuleSoft, to sync carts and pricing between B2B Commerce and Salesforce CPQ.
  • B. Implement the Salesforce CPQ & Billing and CPQ B2B Commerce Connector and use the Cart to Quote flow to sync the cart to Salesforce CPQ, and have a reseller price rule adjust pricing for the reseller based on volume.
  • C. Create a request special pricing button in B2B Commerce that will create an opportunity for the sales representative and allow the sales representative to follow up.
  • D. Implement the Salesforce CPQ & Billing and CPQ B2B Commerce Connector and use the Cart to Quote flow to create a quote from the Resellers Cart, allowing a sales representative to configure discounts and sync back to cart.

Answer: B

Universal Containers (UC) has gone through the design phase of its large initiative involving multiple Salesforce clouds and is about to go into the build phase. The CIO would prefer to create an internal Center of Excellence (CoE) to implement the solution versus make a third-party organisation responsible for the entire build given that they have the talent internally to support the initiative.
Which two recommendations should a Solution Architect make toward creating a CoC?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Documentation around the solution will not be a concern.
  • B. All development decisions will be made by internal resources.
  • C. Knowledge of the solution will stay within the organization.
  • D. It will be much more cost effective to create a CoE.

Answer: B,C

A Salesforce Center of Excellence (COE) is a centralized division within your company that oversees and manages all aspects of the Salesforce instance, including projects, maintenance, and support12. A COE acts as a central governing body for the entire organization and funnels all decision making and product ownership through a single group2. By creating a COE, you can ensure that all development decisions will be made by internal resources who have direct relationships with stakeholders throughout the company12.
Another benefit of creating a COE is that knowledge of the solution will stay within the organization3. A COE provides leadership, best practices, research, support and training for Salesforce3. By having an internal team that is responsible for implementing and maintaining the solution, you can avoid relying on external vendors or consultants who may not have your best interests at heart or who may leave after the project is done4.

Universal Containers is in the process of implementing CPQ and Billing while integrating with ERP for order fulfillment. The Development team is looking to gather regular feedback from the business stakeholders through each sprint. Also, supporting an Agile methodology, they have agreed on a reasonable amount of flexibility in requirements during the course of the project.
Which area should a Solution Architect look to receive feedback on at the earliest?

  • A. Product and Pricing structure setup in CPQ
  • B. Modifications required to ERP for integration purposes
  • C. Invoice capabilities in ERP to accommodate billing
  • D. Pricing sync between CPQ and ERP

Answer: A


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