provides viewers with some of the more typical live TV content. Even if Peacock’s live channels aren’t quite the same as traditional live TV, there are still a plethora of alternatives available to users.

So start watching Peacock live stream free and take note of these things that you should remember:

  • Peacock provides viewers with some classic live television shows. app offers a variety of classic shows that dates back to the 1970’s such as WKRP in Cincinnati and Saturday Night Live. If you love classic films, then you’ll surely enjoy this.

  • Certain sporting and entertainment events are shown on Peacock’s live television programming.

On the “Sports” page, live sporting events are highlighted so for example, the “WWE” page shows only live WWE events. Even better, Peacock makes it easy to choose between live TV and shows you can watch whenever you want.

The app has a yellow “LIVE” button next to all of the live shows. The app also has a yellow “REPLAY” button that lets you watch past live events.

  • Everyone has access to the whole collection of live channels that may be found on the Channels page.

Everyone has access to the whole collection of live channels that may be found on the Channels page. You are able to view those live TV stations without any problems regardless of the tier of Peacock service you have.

  • Peacock only makes live sporting events accessible to customers of its Premium package and Premium Plus package.

On the other hand, Peacock’s Premium and Premium Plus members are the only ones who have access to live sports event and other live broadcasts, like the WWE.

  • A Peacock account may only have a maximum of three simultaneous connection

Only a maximum of three streams playing at the same time at any one moment are allowed as of now by Peacock. This is applicable to any tier of the Peacock subscription service, no matter what tier you subscribed to.

To reiterate, “Does Peacock Have Live TV?”, sure but there are some Peacock streaming service TV shows that are not accessible especially if you are using Peacock TV free trial. The best part is you can cancel Peacock TV subscription.