Every single weekend, the top box office sublimation ink printer are ranked in terms of the millions and millions of dollars of generated weekend box office sales. Producers of movies can quickly and easily get a feel for how successful their movie will be overall based on the box office receipts for the opening weekend. In many cases, they can also predict how many DVDs of the movie they will eventually sell based on the opening weekend ticket sales.

There is no doubt that Americans do love their movies and many people make their decisions about what they will be doing for their entertainment over the weekend based on the lists of the top movies for the week. And, even with the high cost of ticket prices for the movie theaters these days, millions of people spend the money so that they can see the top box office movies on the big screen.

As popular as movie theaters continue to be, more and more people are enjoying having their favorite movies on DVDs so that they have a library of movie titles that they can choose from. This allows people to pop a DVD into their DVD player at any time and sit back with their feet up to watch the movies that they enjoy the most.

An increasing number of homes these days are now built with extensive home theater systems that allow people to avoid having to schedule their lives around the movie showtimes at the theater. Instead of buying movie theater tickets, they just buy DVDs of the movies they have grown to love and that they would like to watch over and over again or to share with friends and family members.

These home theaters provide people with convenience and privacy so that they can enjoy their movies without leaving their abodes. Many of the high end home theaters include very large screens that rival the screens in the movie theaters and they also have incredibly good sound systems as well that really make the most of the digital quality of the picture and sound.

Not only are the more current top movies on DVD, but there are many older, classic movies being re-released these days on DVDs so that people can enjoy having all of the benefits of this digital technology in their homes. In many cases, movies on DVD even include many extra features, such as alternate languages, interviews with the director and the actors, and even deleted scenes that never made it to the version that was shown in the movie theaters.

Creating a substantial DVD library is a terrific way to have a sense that there is always something on hand for entertainment, regardless of what else is going on in the movie industry. With a wide array of DVDs in your library, you can choose your favorite romantic movie to share with a loved one on a cold and stormy night, unwind from a day filled with stress by kicking back and watching a favorite comedy show, or view whatever other type of movie that will improve your mood and make your day.