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Huawei HCIA-Storage V4.5 Sample Questions (Q502-Q507):

Which of the following disk interface technologies use serial interface technology?
(Multiple Choice)

  • A. IDE
  • B. ATA
  • C. SATA
  • D. sas

Answer: A,C,D

What is the correct description of RAID 5 as follows? (Multiple choice)

  • A. RAID 5 uses striping to write data
  • B. RAID 5 is verified by XOR algorithm
  • C. RAID 5 allows up to two member disks to fail simultaneously without data loss
  • D. RAID 5 has a fixed check disk

Answer: A,B

Analysis: RAID 5 is an improved version of RAID 3 that uses striping and calculates parity information.

What are the characteristics of big data? (Multiple choice)

  • A. The value of data is uncertain
  • B. Large capacity and fast growth rate
  • C. Write once, modify many times
  • D. Long storage time

Answer: A,B,D

The disadvantage of a full backup is that it must rely on the last full backup and the current differential backup to restore the data completely.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: B

When does data become information?

  • A. When the data has been stored in digital form
  • B. When it has been stored in the correct file format
  • C. When the enterprise understands the meaning of data and extracts the content needed for decision-making
  • D. When the data is verified to be correct

Answer: C


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