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ISQI CTAL-ATT Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Understand the challenges of test automation in agile settings
  • Understand practical task-list for Refactoring Test cases
Topic 2
  • Analyze code as part of a code review to identify defects and technical debt
  • Understand how to manage guidelines for a formulation of a scenario
Topic 3
  • Understand the benefits of service virtualization
  • Understand the characteristics of a Unit test
  • Describe the elicitation techniques
Topic 4
  • Understand the concept of service virtualization and its role in Agile projects
  • Analyze user stories and epics using requirements engineering techniques
Topic 5
  • Understand the role of continuous testing in continuous delivery and continuous deployment (CD)
  • Understand the meaning of the mnemonic word FIRST
Topic 6
  • Understand how to apply test automation to a given test approach in an Agile environment
  • Understand differences between various test approaches
Topic 7
  • Continuous Integration, continuous testing, and continuous delivery
  • Understand the use Experienced-based techniques
Topic 8
  • Explain differences between Mission critical and non-critical
  • Apply behavior-driven development (BDD) in the context of a given user story in an Agile project

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ISQI ISTQB Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester Sample Questions (Q41-Q46):

You are testing a large e-commerce system for household goods that is being implemented using Agile methodologies You are currently working on deriving tests for stories that are implementing the following epic.
As a customer I want to use the e-commerce system, so that I can have my purchased goods delivered to my house.
The story you are currently working on is:
As a customer I want to be told when my items will be delivered, so I can plan to be home.
You have been given the following charter that was proposed by another tester for testing this story Login as a customer, buy enough of each item to qualify for free shipping for each item checkout and verify that no shipping fee has been added.
What is the main flaw in this charter?

  • A. It focuses on the delivery company instead of the activities of the user
  • B. The expected results are not defined
  • C. It does not cover the mam functionality of the user story
  • D. The actions of the user are not clearly stated in the charter

Answer: C

You are working in a project that developed a product that has reached a stable state and is deployed on different HW configurations all over Europe.
You management decided to use your project as Proof of Concept for adopting CI as a new way of working. The POC was implemented on one set of hardware and was successful.
Which of the following actions is a good next step?

  • A. Speed up test execution by decreasing the amount of User Interface (UI) testing to get faster feedback from the CI tests
  • B. Enable different test configurations in the CI process to test different configurations that are deployed in the market
  • C. Implement code to dynamically select CI tests, executing only test cases affected by changes
  • D. Reduce the number of tests in the CI test suite, to improve the benefit of the CI approach

Answer: B

You are testing a new feature in the current iteration. The feature is supposed to take the input of a name and return the number of characters in the name. This information is used by another feature that will determine the size needed on a form. The acceptance criteria state the following
1) a name of up to 30 characters should be accepted
2) standard error processing should be in place to limit user errors
The developers are using TDD and you have asked to see their tests. This is what they gave you
When yourun your manual tests you are finding that when you use the following inputs you get the associated results:
From these results what can you conclude about the TDD process?

  • A. The developers are not running the tests prior to releasing the code
  • B. The tests are insufficient and need to include more options
  • C. The story needs to be enhanced to include the capabilities that are causing errors
  • D. The tests cannot be passing

Answer: B

You have to review the following user story that will be developed and tested during the next Sprint:
As a potential conference attendee, I want to be able to register for the conference online, so that registration is simple and paperless.
The following acceptance criteria are also mentioned:
i) Payment can be made via PayPal, Debit or Credit Cards
ii) An acknowledgement email is sent to the attendee after submitting the form iii) Protection against spam is working as expected iv) Information from the form is stored in the registrations database v) All incorrect user inputs are flagged by the system Which of the following correctly shows which acceptance criteria are testable?

  • A. i, ii, iv are testable
  • B. i, iii, v are testable
  • C. iii, iv, v are testable
  • D. ii, iv, v are testable

Answer: A

BDD and ATDD are most commonly used with which test approach?

  • A. Analytical
  • B. Model-based
  • C. Process-compliant
  • D. Reactive

Answer: A


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