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VMware 5V0-42.21 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Given a business policies requirement scenario, identify which link steering method should be used
  • Identify how SDN relates to the VMware SD-WAN technology
Topic 2
  • Identify the protocols and part numbers used in the communication between VMware SD-WAN components
  • Identify the roles and assignments of VMware SD-WAN Gateways
Topic 3
  • Given a business policies requirement scenario, identify how to direct internet traffic
  • Identify Edge HA options and operations
Topic 4
  • Given a Gateway deployment scenario, identify the deployment steps
  • Identify how HIgh Availability is configured in VMware SD-WAN architecture
Topic 5
  • Identify the various modes of deployment for the VMware SD-WAN architecture
  • Identify use cases of VMware SD-WAN
Topic 6
  • Given a scenario about managing a Gateway, identify the required configuaration that should be used
  • Identify the form factors for VMware SD-WAN in the SD-WAN architecture
Topic 7
  • Given a application, identify the criteria VMware SD-WAN uses to identify the application
  • Identify the functionality of the SD-WAN Gateway handoff implemenation
Topic 8
  • Identify th key components of the VMware SD-WAN in the SD-WAN architecture
  • Identify use cases when the Partner Gateway should be used
Topic 9
  • Given a scenario about managing Edges, identify the required configuration that should be used
  • Identify the benefits and key differentiators of VMware SD-WAN

VMware SD-WAN Design and Deploy Skills Sample Questions (Q11-Q16):

Company a has recently acquired Company B, which has two remote office. Company A is using VMware hosted Cloud Gateways, and Company B is using a VMware SD-WAN with a Hub-Spoke topology.
Which VEware Cloud VPN solution an administrator configure to establish connectivity between the offices of Company A and Company B?

  • A. Branch to Non VMware SU-WAN Site
  • B. Site-to-Site VPN
  • C. Branch to CASH
  • D. Branch to Branch VPN

Answer: C

Which deployment model ensures that management and control plane is cloud-delivered while data continues to flow on-premises between VMware SD-WAN nodes that remain on-premises?

  • A. On-premises SD-WAN Orchestrator/Controller
  • B. Partially on-premises
  • C. Hosted SD-WAN Orchestrator/Controller
  • D. All on-premises

Answer: D

Which feature is required to prevent a split-brain condition for a branch in an Enhanced HA

  • A. SD-WAN Service Reachable on the private overlay
  • B. VRRP
  • C. Split Brain Detection
  • D. Cloud VPN

Answer: A

Given a VMware SD WAN Branch Edge with Dual Internet links A and B:
* Link A has 50 Mb capacity and latency 10ms
* Link H has 50 Mb capacity and latency 10ms
A database backup of 40Mbps is parted, and the traffic classified as low priority bulk traffic.
Which statement is correct?

  • A. Link Aggregation may take place, and both links could be used.
  • B. Packet duplication will take plant? to ensure both links are optimized.
  • C. DMPO will perform pen How load balancing.
  • D. Packets will be sent nut the highest latency link first as this is low priority bulk traffic

Answer: A

A customer is migrating a branch site with a VMware SD-WAN Edge coexisting with the CE. The Edge will be connected to internet link directly while connecting to the CE via a Layer 3 LAN switch.
MPLS underlay is the preferred path for communication from this site to branch sites that have no VMware SD-WAN Edges. Communication from this site to branch sites that have VMware SD-WAN Edges should go through overlay.

  • A. Use BGP as the routing protocol on the Edge and flag its HGP neighbor to PE as Uplink.
  • B. Use BGP as the routine, protocol on the Edge and flag its BGP neighbor to GE as Uplink.
  • C. Use BGP as the routing protocol on the Edge and filter prefixes from CE using Uplink Community
  • D. Use BGP as the rout.ng protocol on UK Edge and flag its BGP neighbor to the Layer 3 LAN switch as Uplink.

Answer: A


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