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Cisco 500-444 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Explain PCCE Deployment and Staging
  • PCCE Implementation Preparation
Topic 2
  • Describe a PCCE site addition
  • Describe Single Sign-On
  • Explain scripting, Troubleshooting
Topic 3
  • Explain the personalization of the PCCE Dial Plan
  • PCCE Implementation Initialization
Topic 4
  • Understand Applied CCE Troubleshooting
  • Explain the Flows and Process review

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Cisco Contact Center Enterprise Implementation and Troubleshooting Sample Questions (Q38-Q43):

Where should a trust relationship be established by downloading and exchanging a metadata file when configuring the Cisco IdS using PCCE Web Administration Manager (S.P.O.G)?

  • A. IdP to IdS
  • B. IdS to IdP
  • C. IdS to IdP and IdP to IdS
  • D. IdS to IdP and IdP to Active Directory (AD)

Answer: B

Which three features does Cisco Unified Border Element provide when CCE and Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal are used? (Choose three.)

  • A. Secure communication using flow around mode
  • B. Record calls by forking the media using build-in-bridge
  • C. NAT for address hiding D Demarcation point between networks
  • D. Silent Monitor inbound voice calls
  • E. Normalize SIP messages using SIP profiles

Answer: A,B,D

What are the Active and Configured agent counts for the 2K deployment model?

  • A. 2K/4K
  • B. 2K / 8K
  • C. 2K/10K
  • D. 2K/12K

Answer: A

What are two specifications for UC on UCS Tested Reference Configuration (TRC)? (Choose two.)

  • A. defined as Configuration Based
  • B. VMware vSphere is optional
  • C. defined as Rule Based
  • D. VMware vCenter is required
  • E. VMware vSphere is required

Answer: A,C

The UCS Tested Reference Configuration (TRC) is a validated server configuration for running Unified Computing System (UCS) in a data center environment. It is defined as either Configuration Based or Rule Based, depending on the specific use case. Configuration Based defines the server configuration based on specific performance characteristics, while Rule Based defines the server configuration based on specific usage. VMware vCenter is required for either Configuration Based or Rule Based, while VMware vSphere is optional.

What are two tasks of a PCCE initialization under Unified CCE PG? (Choose two.)

  • A. Downloads JTAPI from the Unified Communications Manager and installs it on the Unified CCE PG.
  • B. Creates just VRU PG; VRU PIMs need to be added manually.
  • C. Creates the CUCM Peripheral Gateway (PG) with the CUCM PIM.
  • D. Creates the Media Routing PG (MR PG) with three MR PIMs.
  • E. Downloads JTAPI from the Unified Communications Manager, but manually need to be installed in the Unified CCE PG.

Answer: A,D


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