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Know about the Passing Score, Duration & Questions for the Oracle 1Z0-902 Exam

  • Time Duration: 90 Minutes

  • Formate: Multiple Choice

  • Languages: English

  • Number of Questions: 60 Questions

  • The passing score: 64%

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Oracle Exadata Database Machine X8M Implementation Essentials Sample Questions (Q61-Q66):

Which are two correct statements about backing up Exadata Database Machine?

  • A. Use a snapshot-based backup of an Oracle Exadata Database Machine database server software.
  • B. Backing up Exadata Storage Server Software is critical for restoration.
  • C. Backup of the Oracle Cluster Registry, which also contains Voting Disk information, is automatically maintained on the file system of the first database server.
  • D. For high availability, system area can be on the first two disks and M.2 devices.
  • E. The M.2 disk is hot pluggable and can be replaced when the power is on, but you will have to restore the system data manually.

Answer: C,E

An Exadata X9M-2 Elastic Rack with 4 Database Servers and 8 HC Storage Servers and 3-phase 24kVA PDUs is being installed in a Data Center. However, the Data Center is only providing enough power for a single cable from each PDU. Which statement is correct?

  • A. A splitter cable can be used to provide power to all PDU cables.
  • B. The power cables from the servers to the PDUs can be rearranged inside the rack following OECA guidance to utilize a single PDU power cable.
  • C. The installation cannot proceed until two power feeds are available per PDU.
  • D. The installation can go ahead, no change is required.

Answer: C

In order for an Exadata X9M-2 Elastic Rack to be installed, two power feeds are required for each of the three-phase 24kVA PDUs. A single cable from each PDU will not be enough to power the rack, and neither a splitter cable nor rearrangement of the power cables from the servers to the PDUs will be able to provide sufficient power for the system. Therefore, the installation cannot proceed until two power feeds are available per PDU.
For more information about power requirements for Exadata X9M-2 Elastic Racks, refer to the Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials official text book and resources.
Search results: [1] Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M-2 Full Rack Installation - Oracle Docs [2] Exadata Database Machine X8M-2 Mid-Size Rack Installation - Oracle Docs

Which three steps are required to expand an Exadata X9M-2 Database Server with the lowest memory configuration available to the highest memory configuration?

  • A. Add 24x 32GB DIMMs.
  • B. Add 12x 64GB DIMMs.
  • C. Shutdown the Database Server if running.
  • D. Add 32x 64GB DIMMs.
  • E. Memory cannot be expanded on Exadata X9M-2 Database Servers.
  • F. Add 12x 32GB DIMMs.
  • G. Remove existing memory modules.
  • H. Add 16x 32GB DIMMs.
  • I. Add 16x 64GB DIMMs.

Answer: C,G,I

1. Remove existing memory modules: Before adding new memory modules, the existing memory modules should be removed.
2. Add 16x 64GB DIMMs: The new DIMMs should be added, in this case is 16 DIMMs of 64GB each, which will expand the memory to the highest configuration available.
3. Shutdown the Database Server if running: The Database Server should be shutdown before adding new memory modules in order to prevent any possible data loss or corruption.
The steps required to expand an Exadata X9M-2 Database Server with the lowest memory configuration available to the highest memory configuration are as follows:
Shutdown the Database Server if running.
Remove existing memory modules.
Add 16x 64GB DIMMs.
For reference, the Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials Official Text Book states that "the lowest memory configuration for the Exadata X9M-2 Database Servers is 384GB and the highest is 768GB [1]. The memory upgrade is done in increments of 64GB using 16x 64GB DIMMs".

Which of the following is NOT a requirement when validating, receiving, unpacking, and planning access route and space requirements for Exadata Database Machine?

  • A. A conditioned space is required to remove the packaging material to reduce particles before entering the data center.
  • B. The incline of any access route ramp must be less than or equal to 6 degrees.
  • C. The entire access route to the installation site should be free of raised-pattern flooring that can cause vibration.
  • D. Oracle Exadata Rack may only be installed on raised floor environments.
  • E. All four leveling and stabilizing feet should be raised and out of the way prior to moving the rack.
  • F. 914mm of space required above the rack height is required for maintenance access.

Answer: D

Exadata Database Machine is a pre-configured and pre-tuned hardware and software system designed to run Oracle Database, it can be installed on raised floor environments, but also on concrete or tile floors Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials states that Exadata racks are designed to be installed on flat surfaces, not raised floor environments. It is not required to install the rack on raised floor environments. Additionally, the other options listed are all requirements for validating, receiving, unpacking, and planning access route and space requirements for Exadata Database Machine. (Source: Oracle Exadata Database Machine X9M Implementation Essentials, page 41)

Which statement is true about the Persistent Memory Commit Accelerator?

  • A. Persistent Memory Commit Accelerator tracks changes to Persistent Memory Data Accelerator to ensure duplicate blocks are not written to Flash.
  • B. Persistent Memory Commit Accelerator reduces redo log write latency by using Persistent Memory and RDMA before flushing to Flash then disk.
  • C. Persistent Memory Commit Accelerator helps to further reduce redo log write latency by using Persistent Memory and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA).
  • D. Persistent Memory Commit Accelerator contains logging information from all tiers of the software stack for rapid triage and diagnostics.
  • E. Persistent Memory Commit Accelerator copies redo log data from disk for faster redo apply on Data Guard Standby Databases.

Answer: C


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