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Introduction to MCQS Exam

The MCQS Test is published and distributed by the American College Testing (ACT) program. The MCQS exam is used most often as a diagnostic tool for students in community colleges and technical schools.

The purpose of the MCQS Exam test is to spotlight areas of student difficulty, so that remedial measures can be taken before the chances for success are impaired. The MCQS test is generally given by students when they have been enrolled and accepted in a school or technical college training program.

Sometimes, the MCQS test is used as a placement tool during admission to academic programs. The MCQS test can help school administrators advise students about placement into particular college course levels and programs.

MCQS is used as a diagnostic test in their admissions process. Modules in math, reading, essay writing,writing skills, and English as a Second Language (ESL) all of these are included in Compass tests. College uses Compass test score for diagnostics , placement decisions and demographic analysis. The Compass tests score plays significant role for placement purposes as colleges use a student's scores to decide the level of courses that are most appropriate to the skill levels. Colleges also use the tests scores to identify specific areas that a student may need remedial help.

MCQS Exam is a certification exam that is conducted by ACT to validates candidate knowledge and help to provide intermediate level of understanding about the maths.

After passing this exam, candidates get a certificate from ACT that helps them to demonstrate their knowledge general english and maths etc.

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Test Prep Multiple-choice questions (MCQS) Prometric MCQS for general practitioner (GP) Doctor Sample Questions (Q128-Q133):

A pregnant woman comes with weakness and elevated liver function tests. She is in her 35th week of pregnancy. The prothrombin time is normal. The smear of blood shows fragmented red cells. Platelet count is low.
What is the treatment?

  • A. Prednisone
  • B. Delivery of the baby
  • C. Fresh frozen plasma

Answer: B

Patient had seasonal runny nose, itching and nasal obstruction, treated many times with broad-spectrum antibiotics.
The most effective therapy is:

  • A. Topical corticosteroids
  • B. Nasal decongestant
  • C. Antihistamines

Answer: A

An 8 year's boy has his tonsils and adenoids removed. On the 7th post-op day, he comes back to the hemoptysis and fever.
What is the most appropriate management?

  • A. Surgery
  • B. Packing
  • C. Admit for IV antibiotics
  • D. Prescribe oral antibiotics and discharge
  • E. Reassurance

Answer: C

A 65-year-old woman comes to the emergency department with acute, severe shortness of breath; rales on lung exam; S3 gallop; and orthopnea.
Which of the following is the most important step?

  • A. ACE inhibitors
  • B. Digoxin
  • C. Echocardiogram
  • D. Oxygen, furosemide, nitrates, and morphine

Answer: D

All of the following anti-retroviral drugs produce dyslipidemia except?

  • A. Amprinavir
  • B. Nelfinavir
  • C. Saquinavir
  • D. Atazanavir

Answer: D


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