Bi-fold windows are a great way to open up your home and merge it with the outdoors. They have many benefits and can help increase the appeal of your home.

They are also energy efficient, helping you save money on your heating and cooling bills. They can also help keep bugs out and make your indoor air feel fresher.

Horizontal Folding Windows

Bi-fold windows are a great way to connect your interior and exterior spaces. These stylish windows allow you to open up a room and create an entertainment space where you can watch the kids play or enjoy your beautiful garden views.

They are also a great way to add more light and ventilation into your home. They can be opened from both sides and offer a lot of flexibility in airflow control due to their adjustable panels.

These WDMA windows are ideal for commercial applications like restaurant windows or stadium boxes. They can be used to pass food and drinks between different rooms in a building, as well as for patio seating.

They are easy to operate and can be controlled by a motor. They are also very durable and can last for decades with proper care. Besides, they are also very secure and can help you to save money on energy bills. They are also a great choice for rooms that have limited space.

Vertical Folding Windows

Folding windows are a great way to maximise your view without compromising on the style of your home. When closed, they look just like traditional wood sash windows.

Bi-fold windows open wide, allowing you to bring the outdoors in, providing fresh air and a stunning view. They also offer flexibility and can be stacked either to one or both sides to suit your space, as shown in the image below.

Commercially, these windows are suited to restaurants, stadium boxes and retirement homes among many other applications. The windows open to the side and leave a unobstructed view, as there are no bars or mullions obstructing the window when it is opened.

Vinyl folding windows are a durable, long-lasting option with a warranty against peal, crack, pit, rot and corrosion. They are also extremely easy to clean and are resistant to microbial growth.


A storefront is the facade of a commercial building that includes one or more display windows. It functions to attract visual attention and convey what the business and its merchandise are all about to the general public.

The design of the storefront can make or break a business and how it’s perceived by consumers. Choosing the right window design can increase your sales by attracting more customers and creating an overall positive image of the business.

UPVC storefront windows are an excellent choice for a commercial project because they will continue to look great and perform well over time. UPVC window frames can also be painted in different colors to enhance the appearance of the shop.

Unlike traditional curtain walls, storefront windows have less concentrated tension points, which helps reduce leakages and slows down the deterioration process of the glass. They are also ideal for new construction commercial projects, as they offer a modern aesthetic with strong thermal performance.

Commercial Applications

Commercial garages and other industrial buildings often utilize fold up windows to enhance the overall appearance of their facilities. They also provide more natural lighting and ventilation which are necessary in these spaces.

These windows are also used in showrooms where vehicles and other types of products are showcased. They can create luxurious ambiances that attract potential customers and improve sales.

Another popular use of these windows is in hotels and resorts where people enjoy staying in such places that have beautiful views of the surroundings. These windows can be easily installed in rooms and balconies to provide better natural lighting and great views.

These windows are also perfect for restaurants where they can be opened to allow patio seating or passed food and drinks from the kitchen. They are also secure and have strong locking mechanisms to keep burglars out.