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DP-100 Exam Outline

The Microsoft DP-100 was recently renewed to meet the most current market needs and now it measures the following skills:

  • Deploying and Consuming Models;
  • Setting Up the Workspace for Azure Machine Learning;
  • Running Experiments and Training Models.
  • Optimizing and Managing Models;

The DP-100 exam domain of Setting Up the Workspace for Azure Machine Learning (ML) has three sections. The first touches on creating the workspace for ML. Here, you're to come across tasks like creating and configuring the workspace and managing it using Azure ML studio. The next part is concerning data object management within the workspace of Azure ML, where the focus goes to registering and maintaining datasets. The final aspect regards maintaining contexts for experiment compute. Under this, there will be creating instances for compute, determining the appropriate specs for compute targeting workload training, and developing targets for compute directed at experiments as well as training.

Regarding Optimizing and Managing Models, candidates will build their skills in five crucial areas. To begin is the area of creating optimal models using automated ML. This takes into account areas like Azure ML studio, Azure ML SDK, scaling options for pre-processing, algorithm determination, and getting data to be utilized in running the automated ML. The next thing goes into tuning hyperparameters using hyperdrive. Candidates need to note the sampling methods, search space, primary metric, termination options, and the right model. Another field concerns managing models where coverage includes model interpreters and feature importance data. Finally, students will learn how to manage models by exploring trained model registration, monitoring model usage, and monitoring data drift.

The Microsoft DP-100 exam also deals with the Deploying and Consuming Models. Of interest, there are four sections. It starts with the creation of targets for production compute involving security meant for deployed services & compute options targeting deployment. It's followed by the part of deploying a model as a service. This touches deployment settings, consuming deployed services, and troubleshooting issues for deployment containers. The next segment is creating a batch interference pipeline. Finally, students look at publishing a web service in the form of a designer pipeline. Issues also covered are compute resource, inference pipeline, and consumption of an already deployed endpoint.

The last DP-100 exam domain talks about Running Experiments and Training Models. The first way to achieve abilities in this area is by learning how to use Azure ML Designer to create models. This will be actualized by exploring creation of a training pipeline, ingestion of data within a designer pipeline, defining data flow for a pipeline using designer modules, and using modules for custom code. The second one regards running training scripts within the Azure ML workspace. Within this sphere, the students' focus will be how to use the Azure ML SDK in consuming data from a dataset in an experiment. The third thing in this topic has to do with using an experiment run to generate metrics. Here, learning includes log metrics, retrieving and viewing experiment outputs, and troubleshooting experiment errors using logs. The fourth and final area of concern is automating the process of model training. This includes developing a pipeline by utilizing the SDK, passing data, running a pipeline, and monitoring pipeline runs.

Microsoft Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure Sample Questions (Q94-Q99):

You write code to retrieve an experiment that is run from your Azure Machine Learning workspace.
The run used the model interpretation support in Azure Machine Learning to generate and upload a model explanation.
Business managers in your organization want to see the importance of the features in the model.
You need to print out the model features and their relative importance in an output that looks similar to the following.
How should you complete the code? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.



You are the owner of an Azure Machine Learning workspace.
You must prevent the creation or deletion of compute resources by using a custom role. You must allow all other operations inside the workspace.
You need to configure the custom role.
How should you complete the configuration? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.



You are conducting feature engineering to prepuce data for further analysis.
The data includes seasonal patterns on inventory requirements.
You need to select the appropriate method to conduct feature engineering on the data.
Which method should you use?

  • A. One Class Support Vector Machine module
  • B. Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter module.
  • C. Exponential Smoothing (ETS) function.
  • D. Time Series Anomaly Detection module

Answer: B

You run an automated machine learning experiment in an Azure Machine Learning workspace. Information about the run is listed in the table below:
You need to write a script that uses the Azure Machine Learning SDK to retrieve the best iteration of the experiment run.
Which Python code segment should you use?

  • A. DP-100-48ec1b60c4cc6a9159326c0650b5e56d.jpg
  • B. DP-100-3fd687f466a70d8ccc9e314b5d5e63b1.jpg
  • C. DP-100-229529584c1110ca6b67159c7f730d8b.jpg
  • D. DP-100-a2827f271303f304d65b3df96f790d3c.jpg
  • E. DP-100-cd1aa4b952d4a7cac2d242694fb773c5.jpg

Answer: E

The get_output method on automl_classifier returns the best run and the fitted model for the last invocation.
Overloads on get_output allow you to retrieve the best run and fitted model for any logged metric or for a particular iteration.
In [ ]:
best_run, fitted_model = local_run.get_output()
Reference: machine-learning/classification-with-deployment/auto-ml-classification-with-deployment.ipynb

You need to implement a scaling strategy for the local penalty detection data.
Which normalization type should you use?

  • A. Cosine
  • B. Weight
  • C. Batch
  • D. Streaming

Answer: C

Post batch normalization statistics (PBN) is the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) version of how to evaluate the population mean and variance of Batch Normalization which could be used in inference Original Paper.
In CNTK, custom networks are defined using the BrainScriptNetworkBuilder and described in the CNTK network description language "BrainScript." Scenario:
Local penalty detection models must be written by using BrainScript.


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