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CheckPoint Check Point Certified Maestro Expert Sample Questions (Q14-Q19):

For a VSX configuration - Which statement is wrong?

  • A. All Virtual Systems exist on the SMO
  • B. VSX configuration is the same on all Appliances within the same Security Group
  • C. Each Appliance owns different Virtual Systems
  • D. All Virtual Systems exist on all Appliances

Answer: A

Complete the sentence: When using a Break-out cable...

  • A. Each tail of the break-out cable represent an independent port
  • B. All tails of the break-out cable must represent uplinks
  • C. All tails of the break-out cable must represent downlinks
  • D. All tails of the break-out cable must represent the same type of ports

Answer: A

What cannot be a reason for DETACHED status of Appliance when running asg monitor command?

  • A. Appliance reboots
  • B. Appliance is a member of Security Group, but currently disconnected
  • C. There's an issue with Downlink cable
  • D. Appliance installed with R80.20

Answer: D

What is the difference between Dual-Site and Multi-Room?

  • A. Multi-Room is a kind of Dual-Site deployment within the same building
  • B. Multi-Room is a Single-Site deployment where all Appliances are connected to both orchestrators
  • C. This is the same
  • D. Multi-Room is Active / Standby and Dual-Site is Active / Active

Answer: A

What is the throughput penalty of Security Group?

  • A. Depends on the type of Appliance
  • B. 1% per member
  • C. 10% per Security Group with no relation to amount of members
  • D. 5% per member

Answer: B


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