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Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (PDII) Sample Questions (Q69-Q74):

A developer created a Lightning web component for the Account record page that displays the five most recently contacted Contacts for an Account. The Apex method, getRecentContacts, returns a list of Contacts and will be wired to a property in the component.
Which two lines must change in the above ode to make the Apex method able to be wired?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Add public to line 04.
  • B. Add AuraEnanled(cacheabletrue) to the line 08
  • C. Add @AuraEnabled (cacheabletrue) to line 03.
  • D. Remove private from line 09.

Answer: A,C

Universal Containers implements a private sharing model for the Convention_Attendence_c custom object. As part of a new quality assurance effort, the company created an Event___Reviewer__c user lookup field on the object. Management wants the event reviewer to automatically
gain Read/write access to every record they are assigned to.
What is the best approach to ensure the assigned reviewer obtains Read/Write access to the record?

  • A. Create a criteria-based sharing rule on the Convention Attendee custom object to share the records the a group of Event Reviewers.
  • B. Create criteria-based sharing rules on the Convention Attendee custom object to share the records with the Event Reviewers.
  • C. Create an After Insert trigger on the Convention Attendee custom object, and use Apex Sharing Reasons and Apex Managed Sharing.
  • D. Create a Before Insert trigger on the Convention Attendee custom object, and use Apex Sharing Reasons and Apex Managed Sharing.

Answer: D

What should a developer do to invoke a SOAP web service from Apex? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Invoke the web service from a trigger.
  • B. Configure the remote site settings.
  • C. Generate an Apex class from the WSDL.
  • D. Annotate the method With @future (callout=true)

Answer: B,C

Which of the following standard fields are indexed? (Choose three.)

  • A. CreatedBy
  • B. Name
  • C. SystemModStamp
  • D. LastModifedDdate
  • E. RecordType

Answer: B,C,E

A developer is building a Lightning web component to get data from an Apex method called getData that takes a parameter, name. The data should be retrieved when the user clicks the Load Data button.
What must be added to get the data?

  • A. Add getData ({ name; this,name}) , then (result=> { this.account = result}) to the LeadData ( ) function.
  • B. Add @wire(getData, (name: $name')} to the account field and this, account = getData ( ) ; to t loadData ( ) function.
  • C. Add this, account = getData (this,name); to the loadData ( ) function.
  • D. Add @wire(getData, {name: $name'}) to the account field and delete loadData ( ) because it is not needed.

Answer: A


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