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Google Google-Workspace-Administrator Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Manage user lifecycles with provisioning and deprovisioning processes
  • Implications of current Google Workspace APIs to development efforts
Topic 2
  • Configure user authentication
  • Describe how to manage third-party applications
Topic 3
  • Demonstrate how to set up and configure Gmail. Considerations
  • Enabling email delegation for an OU
Topic 4
  • Configure policies for all devices
  • Granting API access to applications that need access
Topic 5
  • Implement and manage Google Workspace configurations based on corporate policies
  • Managing rollout of new Google functionality to end users
Topic 6
  • Collect log files or reports needed to engage with support
  • Troubleshoot user reports of mail delivery problems
Topic 7
  • Describe how to import and export data
  • Use Vault to assist legal teams. Considerations
Topic 8
  • Configure and implement data governance policies
  • Removing connected applications and sites
Topic 9
  • Designing security integration and addressing objections
  • Scanning email with Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Topic 10
  • Troubleshoot workspace access and performance
  • Classify and mitigate basic email attacks
Topic 11
  • Integrating third-party marketplace apps to specific OUs in Google Workspace
  • Configuring objectionable content

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Google Cloud Certified - Professional Google Workspace Administrator Sample Questions (Q14-Q19):

A user reached out to the IT department about a Google Group that they own: [email protected] The group is receiving mail, and each message is also delivered directly to the user's Gmail inbox. The user wants to be able to reply to messages directly from Gmail and have them sent on behalf of the group, not their individual account. Currently, their replies come from their individual account. What would you instruct the user to do?

  • A. Create a new content compliance rule that matches the user's outgoing messages with the group copied, and have it modify the sender to be the group address.
  • B. Set the group address to be the default sender within the group's posting policies.
  • C. Add the group as an email address that can be sent from within Gmail, and verify that the user has access. They can then choose to reply from the group.
  • D. Add the user's individual account as a delegate to the group's inbox. They can then toggle between the accounts and use the Gmail interface on behalf of the group.

Answer: C


Your company has acquired a new company in Japan and wants to add all employees of the acquisition to your existing Google Workspace domain. The new company will retain its original domain for email addresses and, due to the very sensitive nature of its work, the new employees should not be visible in the global directory. However, they should be visible within each company's separate directory. What should you do to meet these requirements?

  • A. Redesign your OU organization to have 2 child OUs for each company directly under the root. In Directory Settings > Visibility Settings, define custom directories for each company, and set up Visibility according to the OU.
  • B. Create a new Google Workspace domain isolated from the existing one, and create users in the new domain instead.
  • C. Under Directory Settings > Contact sharing, disable the contact sharing option and wait for 24 hours to allow the settings to propagate before creating the new employee accounts.
  • D. Create one dynamic group for each company based on a custom attribute defining the company. In Directory Settings > Visibility Settings, define custom directories for each company, and set up Visibility according to the dynamic group.

Answer: A


Your organization has just completed migrating users to Workspace. Many employees are concerned about their legacy Microsoft Office documents, including issues of access, editing, and viewing. Which two practices should you use to alleviate user concerns without limiting Workspace collaboration features? (Choose two.)

  • A. Demonstrate the ability to convert Office documents to native Google file format from Drive.
  • B. Deliver training sessions that show the methods to access and edit native Office files in Drive, the Workspace file editors, and Drive for Desktop.
  • C. Configure Context-Aware Access policies to block access to Microsoft Office applications.
  • D. Continue to use installed Office applications along with Google Drive for Desktop.
  • E. Demonstrate and train users to use the Workspace Migrate tool.

Answer: A,B

Your organization has noticed several incidents of accidental oversharing inside the organization. Specifically, several users have shared sensitive Google Drive items with the entire organization by clicking 'anyone in this group with this link can view'. You have been asked by senior management to help users share more appropriately and also to prevent accidental oversharing to the entire organization. How would you best accomplish this?

  • A. Determine sharing boundaries for users that work with sensitive information, and then implement target audiences.
  • B. Create groups, add users accordingly, and educate users on how to share to specific groups of people.
  • C. Temporarily disable the Google Drive service for individuals who continually overshare.
  • D. Disable sharing to the entire organization so that users must consciously add every person who needs access.

Answer: A


As the newly hired Admin in charge of Google Workspace, you learn that the organization has been using Google Workspace for months and has configured several security rules for accessing Google Drive. A week after you start your role, users start to complain that they cannot access Google Drive anymore from one satellite office and that they receive an error message that "a company policy is blocking access to this app." The users have no issue with Gmail or Google Calendar. While investigating, you learn that both this office's Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the global IP address when accessing the internet were changed over the weekend. What is the most logical reason for this issue?

  • A. An access level was defined based on the IP range and applied to Google Drive via Context-Aware Access.
  • B. Under Drive and Docs > Sharing Settings, the "Whitelisted domains" list needs to be updated to add the new ISP domain.
  • C. You need to raise a ticket to Google Cloud Support to have your new IP ranges registered for Drive API access.
  • D. The Network Mask defined in Security > Settings > SSO with 3rd Party IdPs should be updated to reflect the new IP range.

Answer: A


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