The Windows Defender Error Code 0×80240029 is a very common issue which gradually comes up at the time of updating Windows defender from the update panel of Windows mostly in the Windows Vista OS. Given below is the error message which triggers while the user try to update the Windows defender:

Error found: Code 0x80240029

There are many circumstances which causes the Windows Defender Error Code 0×80240029 to takes place, such as issues regarding to update the Windows and also if the folder of Software Distribution turn out to be corrupted. This problem also happens if the computer system becomes unable to read the options and settings required by the PC to run properly and also leads the system to run slowly with a lot of problems. This error comes up in case if many problems prevent the compulsory files to run the update appropriately needed by the PC becomes corrupted. Also there are many Problems How bypass Windows Defender persists within the Windows which causes this error which includes invalid entries in the registry of Windows and crooked setting files

If you get this message at the time of attempting to rename the folder, then you should restart the system in safe mode yet again.

And download the updates of Windows defender from the internet. It will be better to download it from the Microsoft website. Then after rename the "Software Distribution" folder of the computer system by adding the following command in the command prompt:

net stop wuauserv
net stop bits
ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
net start wuauserv
net start bits

In case if the problem and error still continue then you have to remove the invalid entries from the Windows registry of the system however this procedure is very risky and tricky as well. For the reason that if you will delete some important entries from registry without understanding that it is important for the system to run properly, then it will further cause more problems to the system.

Consequently, it is recommended to use Windows Defender 0×80240029 error fix tool in order to fix Windows Defender Error Code 0×80240029. This tool is easily available on the Internet and very much capable in resolving errors related to the Windows defender. It optimizes the performance of the system and eliminates invalid entries form the Windows registry. This tool regains the space and memory by remove temporary and duplicate files from the system as well scan and update the outdated device drivers for better performance.