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Oracle 1z0-1105-22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Explain the processes and concepts to Manage Autonomous Database: REST, APIs
  • Describe ADB Tools and how to load data into ADB
Topic 2
  • Explain the various Exadata deployment options ([email protected], Cloud Service, etc)
  • Describe the use cases and business problems Exadata solves
Topic 3
  • Discuss functionality of the OCI Console
  • Data Management Introduction
  • Developing on Oracle Database
Topic 4
  • Explain Oracle's upgrade options
  • Autonomous Database and Tools
Topic 5
  • Discuss concepts and uses of Oracle Machine Learning
  • Explain Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture
Topic 6
  • Discuss multi-cloud and hybrid cloud options for managing data using Oracle Cloud
  • Explain the differences and uses of Free vs Always Free
Topic 7
  • Data Lake, Data Warehouse and Machine Learning
  • Explain the data mesh architecture
Topic 8
  • Explore Autonomous Database, the various offerings and deployment options
  • Explain Oracle's Data Management Strategy
Topic 9
  • Discuss the different Oracle database offerings and deployment options
  • Explain json, graph and spatial in the Oracle Database
Topic 10
  • Discuss concepts and uses of OCI Analytics and AI Data Services
  • Discuss ADB Instance Creation - provision, scale CPU and storage, start, stop, and clone
Topic 11
  • Explain Oracle Cloud Free Tier Sign-up processes
  • Describe various migration strategies to the cloud
Topic 12
  • Explain Oracle's Maximum Security Architecture
  • Oracle Cloud Free Tier Account
Topic 13
  • Describe DBCS offerings and when to use one over the other
  • Describe multi-model and converged database use cases

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Oracle Cloud Data Management 2022 Foundations Associate Sample Questions (Q11-Q16):

Which feature allows you to logically group and isolate your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure re-sources?

  • A. Compartments
  • B. Tenancy
  • C. Identity and Access Management Groups
  • D. Availability Domain

Answer: A

The DBA has determined that number of OCPU assigned to an Autonomous Database does not provide sufficient performance. Which option does the DBA have in this case?

  • A. Call Oracle Cloud Support and raise a request to increase number of OCPU. Expect a downtime of approximately one hour.
  • B. Plan for a one-hour downtime and increase the number of OCPU while database is of-fline.
  • C. Open the database in OCI Console and increase the number of OCPU. No downtime required.
  • D. No downtime is required as number of OCPU can be increased from OCI console, but users have to be informed that they must not use any application for at least one hour.

Answer: C

Which two methods can you use to create or modify Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) re-sources? (Choose all correct answers)

  • B. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • C. Secure Shell (SSH)
  • D. Serial console connection (SCC)
  • E. OCI Command-line Interface (CLI)

Answer: A,E

Oracle & Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) has options for using in-database and opensource algorithms. Which is an example of an in-database option?

  • A. Cognitive text
  • B. Tuning of hyperparameter
  • C. REST Interface
  • D. Oracle Machine Learning for Python (OML4Py) APIs

Answer: D

Which statement can be detected by monitoring of access to sensitive data?

  • A. UPDATE quarter_reference set Q1='012022'
  • D. CREATE index emp_id_idx on EMPLOYEES(emp_id);

Answer: B


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