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Salesforce Sharing-and-Visibility-Architect Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Given a scenario that involves files sharing
  • Describe how files are shared and secured in Salesforce
Topic 2
  • Design and configuration of the sharing and security model
  • Design and configuration of the sharing and security model
Topic 3
  • Describe how the security and sharing setup can be utilized to properly enforce record visibility
  • Given a customer's particular data storage and data residency requirements
Topic 4
  • Describe how to minimize security risks in programmatic customizations
  • Given a particular customer scenario, have awareness of how Enterprise Territory Management can (or cannot be applied) to resolve more complex security requirements

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Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Architect Sample Questions (Q188-Q193):

Sales Operations at Universal Containers (UC) has created Public Report and Dashboard folders for sales managers that report to the VP of sales. Sales Operations currently spends a few hours each month updating users that should have access to edit items in these folders. In which two ways can UC grant access to sales managers to automate access to these Reports and Dashboards folders?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Share the folders with a "Sales Managers" Public Group.
  • B. Share the folders with the "Sales Managers" Queue.
  • C. Share the folders lowest roles in the role hierarchy, Superiors will get access automatically.
  • D. Share the folders with the "VP of Sales" Role and Subordinates.

Answer: D

A company intends bring work from anywhere culture in a bid to improve productivity. Their sellers use wide variety of devices with different form factors. The company currently uses one page layout to display opportunity record details to the sellers. The Regional Vice President of Seles is complaining about incorrect alignment of data in opportunity records, making it difficult for some sellers.
Which steps are recommended to rectify this?

  • A. Use a visualforce override for Opportunity view action, identify the form factor onLoad action and display relevant layouts based on form factors,
  • B. Use a custom LWC override for Opportunity view action, identify form factor onLoad action and display relevant layouts based on form factors.
  • C. Use Dynamic Form to define different field sections applicable for different form factors of devices.

Answer: A

Which two reasons should the Architect consider regarding the use of Apex Sharing Reasons?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Ensuring there is additional criteria available for Criteria-Based Sharing.
  • B. Ensuring the developer can more easily troubleshoot programmatic sharing.
  • C. Ensuring the Share record is deleted upon ownership change.
  • D. Ensuring the Share record is not deleted upon ownership change.

Answer: B,D

Universal Containers has successfully implemented a large Service Cloud rollout for their national call center 3 months ago. One of their largest customer accounts, United Automotive, has over 15,000 open cases. Agents are now having trouble opening new cases for United Automotive. When they try to create a case, the following Error messages appear for them UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW They notice that this only occurs for the United Automotive account. If they try to save the case again it will usually work, but the problem seems to be happening more and more often. What option should the Architect recommend?

  • A. Review all Case Sharing Rules and consolidate where appropriate to reduce the total number of sharing rules.
  • B. Review the Customer Service Profile to ensure that they have Read/Write access to the appropriate Case and Account Fields.
  • C. Review all Account sharing rules to ensure that the Customer Service team has Read/Write access to the United Automotive Account.
  • D. Review the Account structure to split the United Automotive account into multiple branch accounts.

Answer: D

Universal Health is planning to store patient notes in Salesforce. Patient notes consist of long text notes taken by a use to document phone calls with a patient.
A date audit has identified that these notes can contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI). The regulatory requirements state that this data must be encrypted at rest as well as in transit.
What should the Architect do in order to make sure Universal Health stays compliant?

  • A. Use an Apex trigger and the Apex Crypto class to encrypt patient notes as soon as they are saved to Salesforce.
  • B. Create a new Custom Field of type "Text (Encrypted)" and move the patient notes data into the new field.
  • C. No action is required; all Salesforce data is encrypted at rest as part of Salesforce's standard trust measures.
  • D. Enable Salesforce Shield Platform Data Encryption and mark the patient notes field as encrypted.

Answer: D


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