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Connect to & Consume Azure/3rd-Party Services: 25-30%

  • Developing App Service Logic App: this objective requires that the learners have competence in developing Logic Apps; developing custom-connector for Logic Apps; developing custom-template for Logic Apps.
  • Implementing API Management: this covers skills in creating APIM instances; configuring authentication for APIs; defining policies for APIs.
  • Developing Message-based Solutions: this requires one’s skills in implementing solutions that utilize Azure Service Bus and Azure Queue Storage queues.
  • Developing Event-Based Solutions: the individuals should have the capacity to implement the solutions that utilize Azure Event Grid, Azure Notification Hubs, and Azure Event Hub.

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Most Suitable Candidates

The ideal candidate for AZ-204 test should have some experience with Microsoft Azure as well as 1 to 2 years of development experience. It will also be helpful if you are knowledgeable in APIs, Azure SDKs, PowerShell, Azure CLI, debugging, and app authentication as well as authorization.

Besides, this Azure Developer Associate certification is also appropriate for applicants who take part in all stages of cloud development: defining and designing requirements, maintenance, deployment, as well as monitoring, and performance tuning.

Target Audience and Prerequisites

This certification test is intended for those specialists who are responsible for designing and building Cloud-based software solutions utilizing the Microsoft Azure platform. The candidates for this exam should have at least one to two years of experience with Microsoft Azure. They should also have the ability to accomplish programming tasks in a language that is supported by Azure. In addition, the applicants must be proficient in Azure PowerShell, Azure SDKs, app authentication and authorization, Azure CLI, APIs, monitoring, debugging, performance tuning, data connections, and data storage options.

In general, there are no special requirements that Microsoft lists for its AZ-204 exam. But it is recommended that the students taking this test have the subject matter expertise in building, evaluating, designing, and maintaining Cloud applications and services particularly on Microsoft responsibilities for an Azure Developer.

Microsoft Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Sample Questions (Q181-Q186):

Your company has several websites that use a company logo image. You use Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) to store the static image.
You need to determine the correct process of how the CDN and the Point of Presence (POP) server will distribute the image and list the items in the correct order.
In which order do the actions occur? To answer, move all actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.


Step 1: A user requests the image..
A user requests a file (also called an asset) by using a URL with a special domain name, such as <endpoint name>.azureedge.net. This name can be an endpoint hostname or a custom domain. The DNS routes the request to the best performing POP location, which is usually the POP that is geographically closest to the user.
Step 2: If no edge servers in the POP have the..
If no edge servers in the POP have the file in their cache, the POP requests the file from the origin server. The origin server can be an Azure Web App, Azure Cloud Service, Azure Storage account, or any publicly accessible web server.
Step 3: The origin server returns the..
The origin server returns the file to an edge server in the POP.
An edge server in the POP caches the file and returns the file to the original requestor (Alice). The file remains cached on the edge server in the POP until the time-to-live (TTL) specified by its HTTP headers expires. If the origin server didn't specify a TTL, the default TTL is seven days.
Step 4: Subsequent requests for..
Additional users can then request the same file by using the same URL that the original user used, and can also be directed to the same POP.
If the TTL for the file hasn't expired, the POP edge server returns the file directly from the cache. This process results in a faster, more responsive user experience.

You are developing a solution that will use Azure messaging services.
You need to ensure that the solution uses a publish-subscribe model and eliminates the need for constant polling.
What are two possible ways to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

  • A. Service Bus
  • B. Queue
  • C. Event Grid
  • D. Event Hub

Answer: A,C

It is strongly recommended to use available messaging products and services that support a publish-subscribe model, rather than building your own. In Azure, consider using Service Bus or Event Grid. Other technologies that can be used for pub/sub messaging include Redis, RabbitMQ, and Apache Kafka.

You need to ensure disaster recovery requirements are met.
What code should you add at line PC16?
To answer, drag the appropriate code fragments to the correct locations. Each code fragment may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.



You develop a containerized application. You plan to deploy the application to a new Azure Container instance by using a third-party continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) utility.
The deployment must be unattended and include all application assets. The third-party utility must only be able to push and pull images from the registry. The authentication must be managed by Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). The solution must use the principle of least privilege.
You need to ensure that the third-party utility can access the registry.
Which authentication options should you use? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.



You need to add code at line AM09 to ensure that users can review content using ContentAnalysisService.
How should you complete the code? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


Box 1: "oauth2Permissions": ["login"]
oauth2Permissions specifies the collection of OAuth 2.0 permission scopes that the web API (resource) app exposes to client apps. These permission scopes may be granted to client apps during consent.
Box 2: "oauth2AllowImplicitFlow":true
For applications (Angular, Ember.js, React.js, and so on), Microsoft identity platform supports the OAuth 2.0 Implicit Grant flow.


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