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Salesforce Integration-Architect Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Identify the appropriate error handling, escalation and recovery procedures for a failed integration
  • Identify the integration pattern that meets business requirements
Topic 2
  • Identify the business growth and regulatory factors that can impact choice of integration solutions
  • Describe what should be considered when building a scalable solution
Topic 3
  • Identify the trade-offs, limitations, and constraints that meet the proposed solution
  • Identify the factors needed to build resilience in an integration solution for system updates
Topic 4
  • Identify the considerations when designing and implementing API(s)
  • Identify the current system landscape and determine what standards, limitations, boundaries and protocols exist

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Salesforce Certified Integration Architect Sample Questions (Q88-Q93):

Northern Trail Outfitters requires an integration to be set up between one of their Salesforce orgs and an external data source us Salesforce Connect. The external data source supports Open Data Protocol.
Which three configurations should an Integration Architect recommend be implemented in order to secure requests coming from Salesforce?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Configure CSRF Protection for OData connection.
  • B. Configure Special Compatibility for OData connection,
  • C. Configure CSRF Protection on External Data Source.
  • D. Configure a Certificate for OData connection.
  • E. Configure Identity Type for OData connection.

Answer: A,D,E


A large consumer goods manufacturer operating in multiple countries is planning to implement Salesforce for their Sales and Support operations globally. They have the following security requirements:
1. Internal users from each country have to be authenticated with their local active directory.
2. Customers can create their own login or use Google login.
3. Partners have to be authenticated through a central system which is to be determined.
4. Internal users will have access to the central ERP with their credentials maintained in the ERP.
5. Additional internal systems will be integrated with Salesforce for Sales and Support business processes.
Which three requirements should the integration architect evaluate while designing the integration needs of this project?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Assess security requirements for internal systems and decide Integration methods that support the requirements.
  • B. Consider Third party Single Sign On solution supporting all user authentication including customer and partner.
  • C. Evaluate Salesforce native authentication mechanism for all users including customers and partners.
  • D. Evaluate Salesforce solution for customers and for partners, using third party solution for internal users.
  • E. Evaluate the build of a custom authentication mechanism for users in each country and support for customers and partners.

Answer: A,C,E

A customer of Salesforce has used Platform Events to integrate their Salesforce instance with an external third party Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. The AI system provides a prediction score for each lead that is received by Salesforce. Once the prediction score is received, the lead information is saved to Platform events for other processes. The trigger on the Platform Events is failing once this was rolled out to Production.
What type of monitoring should the Integration Consultant have considered to monitor this integration?

  • A. Monitor Platform Events created per hour limits across the Salesforce instance.
  • B. Monitor the volume of leads that are created in Salesforce.
  • C. Validate the Platform Event definition matches leads definition.
  • D. Set up debug logs for Platform Event triggers to monitor performance .

Answer: D

Which WSDL should an architect consider when creating an integration that might be used for more than one salesforce organization and different met

  • A. Corporate WSDL
  • B. Partner WSDL
  • D. Enterprise WSDL

Answer: B

A company that is a leading provider of training delivers courses to students globally. The company decided to use customer community in order to allow studer to log in to the community, register for courses and pay course fees. The company has a payment gateway that takes more than 30 seconds to process the payn transaction. Students would like to get the payment result in real-time so in case an error happens, the students can retry the payment process.
What is the recommended integration approach to process payments based on this requirement?

  • A. Use request and reply to make an API call to the payment gateway.
  • B. Use continuation to process payment to the payment gateway.
    C Use change data capture to process payment to the payment gateway.
  • C. Use platform event to process payment to the payment gateway.

Answer: B


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