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Results of the Test

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam is scored on a scale of 100-1000 with the least passing mark of 720. The score shows one’s performance in the overall test, and although the individual score for each section will be demonstrated, there is no requirement to succeed in every domain to get a pass status. This report also highlights the candidate’s weakness and strengths, so one will know which areas still need extra attention.

Amazon AWS Certified Developer - Associate Sample Questions (Q29-Q34):

A developer is deploying a company's application to Amazon EC2 instances. The application generates gigabytes of data files each day. The files are rarely accessed, but the files must be available to the application's users within minutes of a request during the first year of storage. The company must retain the files for 7 years.
How can the developer implement the application to meet these requirements MOST cost-effectively?

  • A. Store the files on an Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume. Use Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager (Amazon DLM) to create snapshots of the EBS volumes and to store those snapshots in Amazon S3.
  • B. Store the files in an Amazon S3 bucket Use the S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval storage class. Create an S3 Lifecycle policy to transition the files to the S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage class after 1 year.
  • C. Store the files in an Amazon S3 bucket. Use the S3 Standard storage class. Create an S3 Lifecycle policy to transition the files to the S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval storage class after 1 year.
  • D. Store the files on an Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) mount. Configure EFS lifecycle management to transition the files to the EFS Standard-Infrequent Access (Standard-IA) storage class after 1 year.

Answer: B

Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval is an archive storage class that delivers the lowest-cost storage for long-lived data that is rarely accessed and requires retrieval in milliseconds. With S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval, you can save up to 68% on storage costs compared to using the S3 Standard-Infrequent Access (S3 Standard-IA) storage class, when your data is accessed once per quarter.

A user is trying to create a list of IAM users with the AWS console. When the IAM users are created which
of the below mentioned credentials will be enabled by default for the user?

  • A. Nothing. Everything is disabled by default
  • B. IAM X.509 certificates
  • C. IAM passwords
  • D. IAM access key and secret access key

Answer: A

Newly created IAM users have no password and no access key (access key ID and secret access key). If
the user needs to administer your AWS resources using the AWS Management Console, you can create
a password for the user. If the user needs to interact with AWS programmatically (using the command line
interface (CLI), the AWS SDK, or service-specific APIs), you can create an access key for that user. The
credentials you create for users are what they use to uniquely identify themselves to AWS.

A deployment package uses the AWS CLI to copy files into any S3 bucket in the account, using access keys stored in environment variables. The package is running on EC2 instances, and the instances have been modified to run with an assumed IAM role and a more restrictive policy that allows access to only one bucket.
After the change, the Developer logs into the host and still has the ability to write into all of the S3 buckets in that account.
What is the MOST likely cause of this situation?

  • A. The AWS credential provider looks for instance profile credentials last
  • B. The AWS CLI is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled
  • C. An IAM managed policy is being used on the IAM role
  • D. An IAM inline policy is being used on the IAM role

Answer: A

AWS credentials provider chain that looks for credentials in this order:
* Environment Variables - AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY (RECOMME NDED since they are recognized by all the AWS SDKs and CLI except for .NET), or AWS_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_SECRET_KEY (only recognized by Java SDK)
* Java System Properties - aws.accessKeyId and aws.secretKey
* Credential profiles file at the default location (~/.aws/credentials) shared by all AWS SDKs and the AWS CLI
* Credentials delivered through the Amazon EC2 container service if
AWS_CONTAINER_CREDENTIALS_RELATIVE_URI" environment variable is set and security manager has permission to access the variable,
* Instance profile credentials delivered through the Amazon EC2 metadata service

An organization has 10000 employees. The organization wants to give restricted AWS access to each employee. How can the organization achieve this?

  • A. Create an IAM user for each employee and make them a part of the group
  • B. Use STS and create the users' run time
  • C. It is not recommended to support 10000 users with IAM
  • D. Use Identity federation with SSO

Answer: D

Identity federation enables users from an existing directory to access resources within your AWS account, making it easier to manage your users by maintaining their identities in a single place. In this case, the federated user is the only solution since AWS does not allow creating more than 5000 IAM users.
Reference: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/LimitationsOnEntities.html

A Developer accesses AWS CodeCommit over SSH. The SSH keys configured to access AWS CodeCommit are tied to a user with the following permissions:
The Developer needs to create/delete branches.
Which specific IAM permissions need to be added, based on the principle of least privilege?

  • A. "codecommit:*"
  • B. "codecommit:CreateBranch"
  • C. "codecommit:Put*"
  • D. "codecommit:Update*"

Answer: B

https://docs.aws.amazon.com/codecommit/latest/userguide/auth-and-access-control-permissions- reference.html#aa-branches


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