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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Summarize How to Use Data Designer to Incorporate Data Source into Contact Builder
  • Explain the Role and Capabilities Within Contact Builder
Topic 2
  • Understand the Prerequisites to Consider Prior to Starting a Marketing Cloud Connect Configuration
  • Compare and Contrast Triggered and Scheduled Interactions
Topic 3
  • Given a Scenario that Includes Customer Information About Subscriber Acquisition, Management, and Attrition, Utilize This Information to Select Solution Components
Topic 4
  • Given a Scenario, Determine the Appropriate Solution for Given Requirements Considering Technical Expertise of Personas
Topic 5
  • Explain the Various Ways to Individualize Email Content
  • Explain Various Marketing Cloud Email Technologies
Topic 6
  • Understand Available Data Types, Retention, and Template Options When Building a Data Extension
  • Implications of a System Being Database of Record
Topic 7
  • Understand How Sales
  • Service Cloud Data in the Marketing Cloud Can be Segmented
  • Compare and Contrast Standard Reports, Data Views, and Tracking Extracts
Topic 8
  • Articulate How Data Construct will Drive One-to-One Messaging and Content
  • Explain the Purpose of IP Warming and Make a Recommendation Based on Customer Needs
Topic 9
  • Compare and Contrast the Ways to Individualize Content, Such as SSJS vs. AMPscript, Dynamic Content Wizard vs. AMPscript
  • LookupRows Function
Topic 10
  • Analyze Customer Data to Determine the Appropriate Data Model (for Example; List Model, Data Extensions)
Topic 11
  • Given a Customer Scenario, Select the Appropriate Workflow that Meets the Business Requirement (for example; import, segmentation, email send)
Topic 12
  • Given a Customer Scenario, Identify Which User Stories are Appropriate to Use for Accessing Marketing Cloud, Determine the Fators to Consider When Scaling the Solution

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Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Sample Questions (Q47-Q52):

A financial company wans to use Marketing Cloud to send late payment notices to accounts whose payment due date lapsed the previous week. The company has shared the following:
*Payment.csv will arrive on the Enhanced SFTP each Monday at 1 a.m.
*Payments.csv will be encrypted.
*Payments.csv will contain data from the previous week.
*Late payment notices will be sent each Monday at noon.
*They need to receive a file containing customers who opened or clicked on the late payment notice email within five days after send.
Which automation sequence represents a viable solution?

  • A. File Transfer > Import File > Filter > Wait > Send Email > SQL Query > Wait > Data Extract > File Transfer
  • B. File Transfer > File Transfer > Import File > SQL Query > Wait > Send Email > SQL Query > File Transfer
  • C. File Transfer > Import File > Filter > Wait > Send Email > Wait > SQL Query > Data Extract > File Transfer
  • D. Import File > File Transfer > SQL Query > Wait > Send Email > Wait > SQL Query > Data Extract > File Transfer

Answer: D

A retail company wants to create journeys to target subscribers based on website behavior. They have identified three separate groups: customers who searched for an item, abandoned a cart, and made a purchase.
Which three questions should the consultant ask to design the data structure for this solution? (Choose three.)

  • A. Should a single customer exist in multiple journeys at the same time?
  • B. Should customers exit the journey when the goal is met?
  • C. How long after the behavior occurs will a subscriber need to enter a journey?
  • D. How many messages should be included in each journey?
  • E. How are subscribers identified in your web analytics?

Answer: A,C,E

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to control what content is available to certain users and business units. They also want to control what is allowed to be edited and ensure those edited are reviewed prior to being changed.
What should be implemented to achieve these goals?

  • A. Integrate an outside CMS with all these permissions built in.
  • B. Set up Approval Workflow and Share setting inside Marketing Cloud.
  • C. Build out an internal business governance and process to support this.
  • D. Edit the Content Permissions and Restrictions by Role setting for each user.

Answer: B

An existing triggered send needs to be updated with new content. (Choose the BEST answer.)

  • A. Marketing-Cloud-Consultant-4e579a2054182250f0df8b457016fb5e.jpg
  • B. Marketing-Cloud-Consultant-c8ab6d13d0cfb5513a399a6ce471f384.jpg
  • C. Marketing-Cloud-Consultant-c18515d271a60e4a18df710c491c89e1.jpg
  • D. Marketing-Cloud-Consultant-4f2506e9c8af628308cc0092e07cc9dd.jpg

Answer: C

A customer needs to import data from an SFTP site. The customer wants to:
* Segment the contents of the file and then send emails.
* Transfer the file to the SFTP site at various times daily.
* Send to data extensions.
Which workflow should meet these requirements?

  • A. Scheduled Automation: Transfer File > Import File > SQL Query(s) > Send Email(s)
  • B. Triggered Automation: Import File > SQL Query(s) > Send Email(s)
  • C. Scheduled Automation: Import File > SQL Query(s) > Send Email(s)
  • D. Triggered Automation: Import File > Group Refresh > Send Email(s)

Answer: B


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