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What are the Key Features of the CompTIA SK0-005 Certification Exam

This exam will validate the skills and knowledge of the professionals. The candidate should have the basic knowledge of designing, implementing and troubleshooting the virtualization technologies.

CompTIA SK0-005 Certification Exam has following key features:

  • Manage physical storage devices using industry best practices in a data center environment

  • Manage logical storage devices using industry best practices in a data center environment

  • Install and configure server hardware components based on requirements in a data center environment

  • Configure administrative access to servers using industry best practices in a data center environment

  • Design and implement network connectivity in a data center environment

  • The CompTIA SK0-005 Certification Exam will validate your ability to perform these tasks. CompTIA SK0-005 exam dumps will enhance your abilities.

Dell: How to Prepare and Pass the CompTIA SK0-005 Certification Exam

Study Tips For Completing The CompTIA SK0-005 Certification Exam

How To Score High on CompTIA SK0-005 Certification Exam: A guide about how to succeed in the CompTIA SK0-005 Certification Exam

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This article focuses on the CompTIA SK0-005 Certification Exam. It will teach you how to pass the certification exam by providing test-taking strategies, studying tips and CompTIA SK0-005 exam dumps with full answers and explanations.

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What is CompTIA SK0-005 Certification Exam

CompTIA SK0-005 is a global level recognized certification offered by CompTIA. If you have basic knowledge of network and security fundamentals, the SK0-005 exam validates your skills to communicate with technical personnel and recognize network technologies, installation, and configuration. This exam also enhances your troubleshooting skills and ability to manage, maintain, and troubleshoot network infrastructure.

CompTIA SK0-005 is an internationally-recognized validation that identifies persons who earn it as possessing skilled as an CompTIA SK0-005. If you are new to the IT certification world, it's very easy to be confused by the different certifications and have no clue where to start your IT career journey. While CompTIA SK0-005 is aimed at the intermediate level of IT professionals, it is still a valuable certification for you if you want to enter into the IT world. CompTIA SK0-005 exam dumps are the right place to pass the exam in your first attempt.

CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam Sample Questions (Q121-Q126):

Which of the following policies would be BEST to deter a brute-force login attack?

  • A. Account age threshold
  • B. Password complexity
  • C. Account lockout threshold
  • D. Password reuse

Answer: B


A server technician is deploying a server with eight hard drives. The server specifications call for a RAID configuration that can handle up to two drive failures but also allow for the least amount of drive space lost to RAID overhead. Which of the following RAID levels should the technician configure for this drive array?

  • A. RAID 6
  • B. RAID 5
  • C. RAID 10
  • D. RAID 0

Answer: A

RAID 6 Disk Striping with Double Parity
The RAID 6 design distributes data across a minimum of four HDDs the same way that RAID 0 and RAID 5 do, but it also distributes parity information across two disks. The result is that a RAID 6 array can recover data even with the failure of two HDDs. Reads are quick, like RAID 5, but writes are slower due to the duplication of the parity data. It is a good general solution as long as the performance hit on write tasks is not a problem for your environment.
RAID 6 requires a minimum of four HDDs.

A systems administrator is setting up a server on a LAN that uses an address space that follows the RFC 1918 standard. Which of the following IP addresses should the administrator use to be in compliance with the standard?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Answer: B

A user cannot save large files to a directory on a Linux server that was accepting smaller files a few minutes ago. Which of the following commands should a technician use to identify the issue?

  • A. pvdisplay
  • B. mount
  • C. df -h
  • D. fdisk -l

Answer: C

A technician has several possible solutions to a reported server issue. Which of the following BEST represents how the technician should proceed with troubleshooting?

  • A. Make one change at a time and test.
  • B. Determine whether there is a common element in the symptoms causing multiple problems.
  • C. Document the findings, actions, and outcomes throughout the process.
  • D. Perform a root cause analysis.

Answer: C


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