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IIBA CBAP Prüfungsplan:

Thema 1
  • Requirements life cycle management
Thema 2
  • Elicitation and collaboration
  • Strategy analysis
Thema 3
  • Requirements analysis and design definition
Thema 4
  • Business analysis planning and monitoring
  • Solution evaluation

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IIBA Cetified business analysis professional (CBAP) appliaction CBAP Prüfungsfragen mit Lösungen (Q148-Q153):

148. Frage
You are the business analyst for your organization. You are currently writing the business goals and objectives as part of the elements for the define business process. Which one of the following statements best describes the business goals and objectives element?

  • A. They describe the processes the solution will need to improve for the project to be successf ul.
  • B. They describe all of the positive benefits in ratio to the risk and costs of the project.
  • C. They describe the ends that the organization is seeking to achieve.
  • D. They describe all of the required work the project will need to complete in order to reach its objectives.

Antwort: C

149. Frage
You are the business analyst for your organization and need a method to requirements elicitation from nearly 12,000 stakeholders. You want a method to quickly capture this group's feelings and thoughts to identify what the majority of this group needs and wants in a new solution your organization may create.
What requirements elicitation technique can be used in this scenario?

  • A. Surveys
  • B. Focus groups
  • C. Trend analysis
  • D. Interviews

Antwort: A

150. Frage
A very large insurer of General Liability and Property Damage insurance has an upward trend of increased claims over the past 5 years.
The Risk Control Area for that company has just completed a 12 month Pilot of a new improved Risk Control Site.
The purpose of the site is to help their customers manage their exposures and ideally prevent them from having claims There were 100 customers that were part of the Pilot that represented 25 different industries. The business goals were to increase use of the site and provide tools to help customer awareness of their exposures, so that they may reduce existing exposures and ultimately reduce claims.
The sites Features were as follows:
* Improvements to the search engine to all customers to search for articles, tools and services on the site
* A checklist function that allow customer to create their own unique Checklists or utilize a sample provided by ABC company to use daily, weekly etc for an area of their facility.
* A promotion feature - where Risk preventing Articles, and tools on the site are marketed toward a customer.
* A profile section allowing for Customer Name, Address and contact Phone number.
Alter the 12 month pilot the business sponsor received an assessment of what was working and what was not. The Assessment of the pilot revealed overall site activity had significantly increased, however only 5% of the time the promotions were viewed. And the most shocking was that total claims increased by nearly 20% for these 100 customers during the pilot period. The business sponsor was perplexed as he had an expectation of reduced claims and at least for 30% viewing of promotions since the project team had spent a lot of careful time and effort on this feature. A BA was assigned to do further analysis regarding the low use of the promotions and why claims were not being reduced.
Regarding the use of promotions the BA looked into other similar companies to see what they did differently to get their customer to look at their promotions. The BA found that similar companies had promotions that targeted the industry the customer was in so it was more relevant to them and they were more interested to view the promotion. In addition the BA sent out a survey to all 100 pilot customers asking probing questions about what they thought of the site and if they felt it had decreased their exposure to risk sufficiently. The Survey responses came back with raving positive comments and providing examples of how the site had been helping in the reduction of claims from the customer's perspective. In addition the survey also revealed insight that the customers found the promotion often irrelevant to their industry.
The BA asked for a dump of all documentation of the 1000 claims that were filed over the 12 month pilot period. The BA found the nearly 90% of the claim filed were all in one region of the country and were all for property damage related to several severe winter storms in the region and the claims were nearly all unavoidable by the customers. The BA brought all this analysis back to the business sponsor and made the recommendation to the business sponsor to require the customer to select 1 of 25 industries in their profile. This would in turn allow for the ability to show industry specific promotions and promote search results relative to a customer's industry to be sorted at the top giving the customer a more personalized experience.
What was the business sponsor looking to validate about the use of promotions?

  • A. Performance Variance
  • B. Accuracy
  • C. Market Trends
  • D. Risks

Antwort: C

151. Frage
A business analyst (BA) plans to hold a workshop next week to elicit requirements for a project. In an informal conversation, another employee mentioned that one of the attendees is likely to be unhappy about the project's impact on their work.
Which of the following techniques will the BA use to avoid disrupting the workshop?

  • A. Collaborative Games
  • B. Risk Analysis and Management
  • C. Elicitation Activity Plan
  • D. Stakeholder List

Antwort: A

Explanation/Reference: IIBA BABOK v3 (p. 84)

152. Frage
After releasing its beta version of a travel assistance mobile application, a travel company has received feedback from a public survey proposing new features. The company is struggling with the large number of ideas and would like to make a decision on which to consider in the next implementation cycle.
Which of the following considerations should be used first for filtering ideas?

  • A. Time to market
  • B. Cost of implementation
  • C. Measurability of customer satisfaction
  • D. Alignment with solution scope

Antwort: D

153. Frage

Sie wissen unbedingt die Wichtigkeit der IT-Zertifizierungsprüfugen, wenn Sie in IT-Industrie arbeiten. Es gibt verschiedene IT-Zertifizierungsprüfungen. Davon sind einige sehr beliebt, z.B CBAP. Wenn Sie keine Zertifizierung besitzen, sollen Sie sich an der IIBA CBAP Prüfung melden. Wir PrüfungGuide können Ihnen die Prüfungsunterlagen bieten und wir PrüfungGuide sind auch Ihre Garantie, IIBA CBAP Zertifizierungsprüfung zu bestehen.

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