Chie Design is based out of Mumbai, India. Chie Design is a design practice and a collective of creative thinkers. We believe that design has the unique power to influence our world. As designers we recognize and respect our role in impacting life, be it residential interior designers in Mumbai, commercial interior design, hospitality interior design or interior design for multi use spaces. We strive to create intelligent, high performance, forward looking designs that exhibit timeless and enduring qualities. We believe that the process relies on thorough implementation and an integrated approach. Our goal is and has been, to exceed the expectations of our customers. We’re always focused and continually search for the new and innovative, as we strive to conceive the memorable experiences of tomorrow. We want to share our vision with you and make it a reality!

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Address :L7, TEC, The Capital,Plot No. C-70,G Block, BKC,Bandra (East), Mumbai 400051