The IGET Bar can give a mind blowing 3500 puffs with its great 12mL of e-fluid. You've arrived at the outright pinnacle of dispensable vaping with this 1500mAh battery. The Bar stands apart from different models; high level vapers who value its momentous quality and predominant craftsmanship significantly prize this vaporizer.Introducing iget bar flavours, Cola Ice!

The mouthpiece on the Bar is agreeable, and it can undoubtedly fit in your pocket or purse because of its smaller size. Here we are going to inform you concerning a Psycho Uber Deal: 10 X IGET Bar Cola ICE saves you $170 in addition to free transportation Rush closures soon!

Why pick IGET BAR?

IGET BAR is a refined electronic cigarette/expendable vape that gives a pleasurable vaping experience. It has a little size that is agreeable in the hand and different exquisite, creative varieties. The IGET BAR has a state of the art atomizer that can create something like 3500 puffs of rich, tasty fume.

The solid battery presents to 7-10 days of consistent use. The IGET bar, a top notch e-cigarette that blends plan and usefulness, has become one of IVAPEMAN's top-selling vapes since its delivery.

Insane Uber Deal: 10 X IGET Bar Cola ICE saves you $170 in addition to free transportation Rush closures soon!

Iget Bar Cola Ice is an expendable electronic cigarette that will take you on a delightful excursion while allowing you to partake in the customary taste of cola. The individuals who partake in the kind of cola joined with a frigid menthol kick will love the Cola Ice iget legend.

The IGET Bar is a vaping gadget for relaxation utilize that offers 3500 puffs and an agreeable hand feel. It is made of light 304 Tempered Steel. The IGET Bar is accessible whenever you really want it, with fabulous flavors and a major limit.

This is by a wide margin the best proposal on IGET Bar dispensable vapes as it gives the absolute best vape flavor in a combo pack, so don't think a lot and simply profit the proposal quickly.


Pre-Filled: 12mL Salt Nic



To enact Salt Nicotine, simply puff on the gadget: