The New Year has officially kickstarted and a lot of people are planning on going for home restoration, and renovation. If you are also planning on going for it, you can connect with a luxury architect who can guide you in the best way possible. But what are the things you should incorporate into your property? Several decor trends will be popular this year. We have listed some of them down below.

Bold stripes

Stripes are going to be quite popular for furniture because they can add excitement to the overall interior. They can also help make the space look larger. If you want more height for a room, vertical stripes can do the trick and horizontal stripes can help make it look larger. So, the stripes can add color and character to the interior. You can go for different tones according to your wish and can enhance the overall look of your property.

Home offices

One thing that a lot of people are going for these days is home offices as most of us are still working from home because it is the more feasible option. So, if you want to include a home office at your home, you can get the property renovated by keeping this requirement in mind. You can create an inspiring home office that should have the right colors to motivate you to work efficiently. You can include bright colors and have the right designs to help you stay comfortable throughout your working hours.

Fresh Colors

If you want to change the overall feel of your property, the best thing for you is to change the colors with the help of a custom home architect. You can go for colors that can help you feel happier in your space. There are different shades available in the market that you can go for. So, you should choose the ones that can help you feel motivated and also provide a sense of balance in your property. Colored glass can also be a great idea if you do not want to change the color of your property.

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