Are you planning to develop an eCommerce store with Shopify? You are on the right track with its simple and easy-to-use interface, incredible customization, and widest online technical support make Shopify a class apart eCommerce platform.

Shopify is one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms for building a robust online shopping website. It provides businesses and merchants to subsume with a social network, products, shopping cart, payment gateway, and order placing. 


However, there are other alternatives like WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart development, and others that are open-source and free to use.


But if you go with Shopify you will need to subscribe Shopify plan and pay to work your online store.


What includes the total cost of the Shopify store?

As to selecting the Shopify platform the final cost of the Shopify development project relay on some conditions that cover the following points.


  • Shopify subscription plan
  • Theme and template (free, paid, or custom)
  • Shopify development services


Shopify cost-saving features

However, Shopify is paid but it also offers some cost benefits for opting for Shopify as your eCommerce platform.


1. Low maintenance and reliable support

eCommerce website requires complicated setup and coding skills for which you have to depend on skilled eCommerce developers. While going with Shopify you would get dedicated and important customer support and didn’t have to pay more website maintenance.


2. Low cost of setting up

Other eCommerce framework platforms can be downloaded and installed for free. Whereas Shopify tackles all the trouble for a subscription which relay on which Shopify subscription you choose. This can reduce all the technical trouble you don’t like spending time and effort on.


3. Security

Security is the main function of every eCommerce website. Shopify offers a certified 1PCI DSS-capable platform. All stores are enabled with a by-default PCI certificate. That is a major benefit of Shopify.


Here is a brief summary of Shopify pricing plans.


  • Shopify Starter plan - 5$/month

- good for sharing as well as selling products through social media platforms.

  • Basic plan - Monthly - 29$ | Yearly - 14.44$/pm

- This is best for new eCommerce businesses

  • Shopify - Monthly - 79$/month | Yearly - 39.44$/month

- Good for professional reporting and other features

  • Advanced Shopify plan - Monthly - 299$/month | Yearly - 147.78/month
  • Shopify plus - starts from 2000$/month

- best for high-volume transactions


Bottom line

There are many factors that apply to the bottom pricing of Shopify development. You should consider buying Shopify for your eCommerce website help any professional Shopify development company that provides a resourceful and beneficial Shopify plan for your project.