China UV Laser Marking Machine suppliers What is UV laser marking machine for glass Compared with the general laser marking machine, the Glass UV laser marking machine has a very small spot, which makes the heating area of the material smaller and is not easy to be deformed by heat; the power is lower; the marking is more fine. It is suitable for ultra-fine marking environment, Glass division,聽food and medicine packaging, electronic components, metal jewelry marking, etc.聽 Why choose UV laser marking machine for glass Due to the extremely small focusing spot and the small processing heat affected zone, the ultraviolet laser can carry out ultra-fine marking and special material marking. It is a product for customers who have higher requirements for marking effect. The UV laser engraving machine is specially designed for surface and internal film etching of glass, crystal products, handicrafts, ceramic cutting or engraving, clocks and glasses. Ultraviolet laser not only has good beam quality, but also has a smaller focusing spot and can achieve ultra-fine marking; it has a wider range of applications. Ultraviolet laser has a very small heat-affected area, no thermal effect, and no material scorching problem; fast marking speed and high efficiency; stable performance of the whole machine, small size, low power consumption and other advantages. Our main UV laser marking machine Deaktop UV laser marking machine Cabinet UV laser marking machine Closed UV lasr marking machine Flying uv laser marking machine Find More FAQ Where can we use UV laser marking machine? What Legent Laser do for their agent/distributor/OEM /ODM?China UV Laser Marking Machine suppliers website: