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What Are the Primary Sections Featured in the Isaca CISM Exam?

Adding this certification into your profile verifies that you have a broad set of skills that you can apply for solving different issues in the workplace. And these are covered in the domains of the the CISM exam. Let's go into these one by one.

  • Information risk management

    CISM ensures that you get the right skills essential for risk management. Mastering the tools and techniques related to this particular process helps you easily distinguish, evaluate, and control possible threats that may affect the business' operations and financial flow. Another thing that makes this area more challenging is the extensive sources of threats, which may include management errors, legal liabilities, and even natural disasters. As a result, it's important to know the entire risk management frameworks, along with related functionalities such as security control selection, risk visibility, reporting, and actions.

  • Information security incident management

    Now, we're down to the last part of the exam and that is IS incident management. This domain requires candidates to know critical information about incident management as a whole. From there, it underscores one's skills in dealing with incident metrics, indicators, response methodologies, response plans, and management resources. Other areas that need your attention are business continuity, disaster recovery procedures, and post-incident activities. Being able to expound on the present situation of incident response is substantial too.

  • Information security governance

    Information security governance, in general, is the way you utilize and lead the company's methodology to security. Proper handling of this crucial aspect greatly affects the core security activities of the business. In addition, it allows a smooth-sailing flow of security details within the organization. Aside from aligning the security with the key objectives, it's also significant to have a profound comprehension of the structural processes, security roles, and control frameworks.

  • Information security program development and management

    For the third section, it's all about program development and administration. At this point, one becomes more competent in the scope of an information security program as well as the entire management framework. Additionally, there will be a comprehensive elaboration of the list of operational and administrative activities, together with typical program challenges, controls, and countermeasures. The general security infrastructure and architecture are also vital topics.

CISM Exam topics

Candidates must know the exam topics before they start of preparation. Because it will really help them in hitting the core. Our CISM exam dumps will include the following topics:

  • Information Risk Management and Compliance
  • Information Security Incident Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Information Security Program Development and Management

Career Growth

After getting the CISM certificate, one can become an Information System Security Officer, an Information Risk Consultant, or an Information Security Manager. Furthermore, there are different levels starting from the Entry one, which involves a System Analyst, Security Auditor Trainee, etc. Besides that, you can become a Technical Specialist, a Technical Manager, or go for the expert-level positions, which include a Senior IT Systems Professional, a Senior IT Architect, a Development Engineer, etc. Obtaining this ISACA certification can also cause a huge salary bump of around $128,000 per year, but your salary may vary according to the job title you choose.

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ISACA Certified Information Security Manager Sample Questions (Q158-Q163):

Which of the following should be the PRIMARY basis for an information security strategy?

  • A. Audit and regulatory requirements.
  • B. The organization's vision and mission.
  • C. Information security policies.
  • D. Results of a comprehensive gap analysis.

Answer: B

Using which of the following metrics will BEST help to determine the resiliency of IT infrastructure security controls?

  • A. Percentage of outstanding high-risk audit issues
  • B. Number of incidents resulting in disruptions
  • C. Frequency of updates to system software
  • D. Number of successful disaster recovery tests

Answer: D

For risk management purposes, the value of an asset should be based on:

  • A. net cash flow.
  • B. original cost.
  • C. net present value.
  • D. replacement cost.

Answer: D

The value of a physical asset should be based on its replacement cost since this is the amount that would be needed to replace the asset if it were to become damaged or destroyed. Original cost may be significantly different than the current cost of replacing the asset. Net cash flow and net present value do not accurately reflect the true value of the asset.

A multinational organization wants to monitor outbound traffic for data leakage from the use of unapproved cloud services. Which of the following should be the information security manager's GREATEST consideration when implementing this control?

  • A. Security of cloud services
  • B. Data privacy regulations
  • C. Allocation of monitoring resources
  • D. Resistance from business users

Answer: B


Which of the following BEST indicates that an organization has effectively tested its business continuity and disaster recovery plans within the stated recovery time objectives (RTOs)?

  • A. Regulatory requirements are being met.
  • B. Risk management objectives are being met.
  • C. Internal compliance requirements are being met.
  • D. Business needs are being met.

Answer: D


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