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2. Networking in Google Cloud

This course is for you if you have always wanted to learn how to manage or scale your company’s networks in the Google Cloud. It addresses firewalls, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), subnets, and load balancing. What’s more, this program will also provide you with all the information you need to know about popular patterns used in designing networks, Cloud NAT, Cloud CDN, Cloud DNS, and steps involved in automation and deployment with Terraform or Deployment Manager.

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Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud Security Engineer Exam Sample Questions (Q140-Q145):

A manager wants to start retaining security event logs for 2 years while minimizing costs. You write a filter to select the appropriate log entries.
Where should you export the logs?

  • A. BigQuery datasets
  • B. Cloud Pub/Sub topics
  • C. Cloud Storage buckets
  • D. StackDriver logging

Answer: C

A large financial institution is moving its Big Data analytics to Google Cloud Platform. They want to have maximum control over the encryption process of data stored at rest in BigQuery.
What technique should the institution use?

  • A. Use a Cloud Hardware Security Module (Cloud HSM).
  • B. Customer-supplied encryption keys (CSEK).
  • C. Use Cloud Storage as a federated Data Source.
  • D. Customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK).

Answer: D

If you want to manage the key encryption keys used for your data at rest, instead of having Google manage the keys, use Cloud Key Management Service to manage your keys. This scenario is known as customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK). https://cloud.google.com/bigquery/docs/encryption-at-rest

A customer wants to run a batch processing system on VMs and store the output files in a Cloud Storage bucket. The networking and security teams have decided that no VMs may reach the public internet.
How should this be accomplished?

  • A. Mount a Cloud Storage bucket as a local filesystem on every VM.
  • B. Enable Private Google Access on the VPC.
  • C. Provision a NAT Gateway to access the Cloud Storage API endpoint.
  • D. Create a firewall rule to block internet traffic from the VM.

Answer: B


Your company has deployed an application on Compute Engine. The application is accessible by clients on port 587. You need to balance the load between the different instances running the application. The connection should be secured using TLS, and terminated by the Load Balancer.
What type of Load Balancing should you use?

  • A. HTTP(S) Load Balancing
  • B. SSL Proxy Load Balancing
  • C. Network Load Balancing
  • D. TCP Proxy Load Balancing

Answer: B


Your company plans to move most of its IT infrastructure to Google Cloud. They want to leverage their existing on-premises Active Directory as an identity provider for Google Cloud. Which two steps should you take to integrate the company's on-premises Active Directory with Google Cloud and configure access management? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use Identity Platform to provision users and groups to Google Cloud.
  • B. Install Google Cloud Directory Sync and connect it to Active Directory and Cloud Identity.
  • C. Create Identity and Access Management (1AM) groups with permissions corresponding to each Active Directory group.
  • D. Create Identity and Access Management (1AM) roles with permissions corresponding to each Active Directory group.
  • E. Use Cloud Identity SAML integration to provision users and groups to Google Cloud.

Answer: B,C



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