Now a day eCommerce businesses are the first choice of any enterprise and that’s why they face tough competition. Enterprises are turning their concentration to arranging products in online stores.

Open-source shopping cart eCommerce platform is all sorts of solutions for individuals who use it as a free eCommerce web development framework. One of the shopping cart platforms like XT Commerce. Today we discuss XT Commerce.


What is XT Commerce?

XT Commerce is a free open-source shopping cart platform that offers a wide range of eCommerce functionality. Even though being a premium eCommerce shopping cart framework XT Commerce development still opted for the most dynamic eCommerce development framework with high-end functions.

XT Commerce offers robust eCommerce web development for every type of seller and merchant. XT Commerce helps developers to customize and develop an online store with different interfaces, templates, and add-ons. Instead of this XT Commerce is also search engine friendly which helps to get a ranking on the search engine.


How does XT Commerce work?

XT Commerce enables you to manage international eCommerce activities as same as your domestic nation. XT Commerce is a Shopping cart software that offers multiple functions and features that helps merchant to provide their needs with orders migration, taxes, products, customers, and more primary activities.


XT Commerce features

1. Functions

XT Commerce provides template-controlled export, however, you can generate a .xml or .csv  report. It generates orders and product trade reports. Explicit the currency, manufacturers, and clients. It also uploads generated data to an external server through  FTP, sends it as an email attachment, and saves it on the server.


2. User Interface

XT Commerce offers a modular design that offers flexible integration of plugins for upgrade versions anytime.


3. Scalability

XT Commerce enables CMS to except and extended as per customization and the requirement of your business need.


4. Custom solution

XT Commerce offers analytical tools to show your store performance with detailed information and report of orders and sales using a payment gateway, PayPal IPN, Credit Card payment, Debit Card payment, and prepayment.


5. Plugins

XT Commerce offers an ingenue, adaptive, and custom plugin framework with a module. This support to both frontend and backend, with enable to independently alter third-party plugins and software.


Final Thought

XT Commerce is a widely used framework for developing an eCommerce web development. It requires all the features that come up with an appropriate, functional, and high-performance eCommerce online store that will attract customers. 

XT Commerce offers a robust eCommerce shopping cart for every type of merchandise and vendor. Its function allows sellers to fulfill their needs by optimizing their online store as per their needs.