IT국제공인자격증Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant시험대비덤프를 제공하는 전문적인 사이트로서 회원님의 개인정보를 철저하게 보호해드리고 페이팔을 통한 결제라 안전한 결제를 진행할수 있습니다. Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant 덤프외에 다른 인증시험덤프에 관심이 있으신 분은 온라인 서비스를 클릭하여 문의해주세요.

Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant 시험요강:

주제 1
  • Understand different field service settings for FSL Administrator
  • Configure Work Order processes, parameters, and Work Types
주제 2
  • Determine the appropriate option to execute Complex Work in FSL
  • Illustrate how to configure Work Order Milestones
주제 3
  • Distinguish between Field Service Mobile and Salesforce Mobile app capabilities
  • Decide on the appropriate Schedule Policy to achieve the business requirements
주제 4
  • Outline the differences between aerial versus street-level routing
  • Distinguish between FSL license types and when to deploy them

>> Field-Service-Consultant유효한 인증시험덤프 <<

Field-Service-Consultant유효한 인증시험덤프 최신 시험 예상문제모음

현재 경쟁울이 심한IT시대에,Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant자격증 취득만으로 이 경쟁이 심한 사회에서 자신만의위치를 보장할수 있고 더욱이는 한층업된 삶을 누릴수 있을수도 있습니다. 우리Itcertkr 에서 여러분은Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant관련 학습지도서를 얻을 수 있습니다. 우리Itcertkr는 IT업계엘리트 한 강사들이 퍼펙트한Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant문제집을 만들어서 제공합니다. 우리가 제공하는Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant문제와 답으로 여러분은 한번에 성공적으로 시험을 패스 하실수 있습니다. 중요한것 저희 문제집을 선택함으로 여러분의 시간도 절약해드리고 무엇보다도 많은 근심없이 심플하게 시험을 패스하여 좋다는 점입니다.

최신 Field Service Lightning program Field-Service-Consultant 무료샘플문제 (Q122-Q127):

질문 # 122
Universal Containers has identified a business process in which a Customer Support Agent reviews an existing Work Order and needs to associate an additional part to the order for the Technician to successfully complete the job.
How should a Consultant support this process?

  • A. Add a new Product Consumed to the Work Order.
  • B. Add a new Product Required to the Work Order.
  • C. Add a new Product Required to the Work Type. 2
  • D. Add a new Product Consumed to the Work Rule. Seer


질문 # 123
A Universal Containers customer is having issues with three containers at the customer's site. Each container is tracked as an Asset on the customer's Account.
Which two methods should the Consultant recommend to ensure the service associated with each container can be handled independently?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Add each Asset to a separate Work Order Line Item. Create a Service Appointment for each Line Item.
  • B. Add each Asset to a separate child Work Order. Create a Service Appointment for the parent Work Order.
  • C. Add each Asset to a separate Work Order. Create a Service Appointment for each Work Order.
  • D. Add each Asset to a separate Work Order Line Item. Create a Service Appointment for the Work Order.


질문 # 124
universal containers want to limit their technicians view of work orders and appointment in the field service lightning mobile app What should a consultant recommend to control their technicians?

  • A. visual force page
  • B. field sets
  • C. page layouts
  • D. mini page layouts


질문 # 125
optimization for the Midwest is set to automatically run each night for the next three days. The dispatcher has noticed that the optimizer is leaving many service appointments unscheduled and has asked the consultant to troubleshoot the issue.
The consultant noticed that the optimization service run time per service appointment is set to low in field service settings.
Which two conditions should make the consultant consider setting the optimizer too?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. The scheduling policy used field is blank
  • B. Most service appointment have the same priority
  • C. The calculate travel and breaks field service setting is disabled for the service resource availability work rule.
  • D. The scheduling policy is producing too many candidates that qualify for each service appointment


질문 # 126
Universal containers wants to identify which resources need more or fewer appointment.
Which Gantt chart filter option should a consultant recommend to provide this information?

  • A. Select sort by average utilization on the resources tab.
  • B. Select date resolution on the hours tab.
  • C. Select hours absences and overtime on the utilization tab.
  • D. Select travel time and breaks as skills on the skills tab.


질문 # 127

국제공인자격증을 취득하여 IT업계에서 자신만의 자리를 잡고 싶으신가요? 자격증이 수없이 많은데Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant 시험패스부터 시작해보실가요? 100%합격가능한 Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant덤프는Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant시험문제의 기출문제와 예상문제로 되어있는 퍼펙트한 모음문제집으로서 시험패스율이 100%에 가깝습니다.

Field-Service-Consultant합격보장 가능 시험덤프: