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Adobe AD0-E318 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Given a scenario, advise on the appropriate hardware infrastructure needed during solution design
  • Specify integration parameters and approach for Adobe and non-Adobe application integrations
Topic 2
  • Given a set of key modules, validate the configuration of the module set-up
  • Analyze Campaign Classic set-ups to advise on improvements
Topic 3
  • Given specific business requirements, determine the information relevant to solution design
  • Determine the correct method to design solutions using additional modules
Topic 4
  • Given customer requirements, determine the appropriate activites and resources needed
  • Given a scenario, determine the optimal technical workflow design
Topic 5
  • Communicate technical ACC expertise to internal and external teams
  • Given a scenario, specify the correct product deployment method

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Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master Sample Questions (Q29-Q34):

An Architect needs to design a custom channel on Campaign Classic that sends asynchronous requests.
During testing, the lead developing notices that MTA child processes are hanging, which results In delivery parts that are being sent until the MTA child processes restart.
What is causing this problem?

  • A. The maximum allocated memory for the MTA child processes is too low in relations with the allowed maximum number of pending Delivery Parts per MTA child.
  • B. The maximum number of MTA processes is too low in relation with the allowed maximum number of pending Delivery Parts per MTA child.
  • C. The Maximum allocated memory for the MTA process is too low in relation with the allowed maximum number of pending delivery pending Parts per MTA child
  • D. The maximum number of MTA child processes is too low in relation with the allowed maximum number of pending Delivery Parts per MTA child

Answer: D

When the lead developer notices that MTA child processes are hanging, it could indicate that the maximum number of MTA child processes is too low in relation to the allowed maximum number of pending Delivery Parts per MTA child. When the number of pending delivery parts exceeds the maximum number of child processes, the child processes will not be able to process all the pending parts, leading to a delay in delivery and the child processes hanging.

A customer has the below requirements to handle un-subscriptions:
*Make the feature available for Push and Email channels
*Send a confirmation message to the recipient of the opt-out
*Be able to store subscription history
Which solution should be used?

  • A. Manage Externally: A third-party consent management tool outside of Adobe Campaign.
  • B. Information Services: Create a service, set up a Confirmation message, and maintain hostory
  • C. Information service with Customization Create a Service, set up a confirmation message and add customization to maintain history
  • D. Customization Create new fields in Recipient schema, add new personalization blocks, and add workflows to handle un-subscriptions and history.

Answer: D

A client captures interests in flat data files from external websites. The want to integrate the topic subtraction data into Adobe Campaign. What should the architect configure?

  • A. List for each topic
  • B. Custom schemas with opt-in flag for each topic.
  • C. Additional attributes for topic subscription within the Recipient schema
  • D. Information Service

Answer: B

Custom schemas with opt-in flags for each topic would allow the client to store the topic data in a structured manner and track which topics a recipient has expressed interest in. This would allow them to segment their recipients based on topic interests and target their Campaigns more effectively. Additionally, using an opt-in flag would allow the client to ensure that recipients have given their consent to receive communications on these topics.

A Campaign Architect needs to audit an existing Campaign Classic setup to improve the configuration. Users report that the instance is very slow when they select or modify data.
The Architect notices that over a range of tables, many fields have the same values and many joins are used in Workflow activities.
Which two actions should the Architect recommend? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create a composite key and reduce the joins
  • B. Create indexes fields used within joins
  • C. Use external joins on the tables for the fields with identical values.
  • D. Use character strings as keys for the table join
  • E. Use reference tables for the fields with identical values
  • F. Create indexes on fields used within joins

Answer: A,F

A composite key is a combination of two or more columns used as a primary key for a table. This can help to reduce the number of joins needed in queries, which can improve performance.
Creating indexes on fields used within joins can also help to improve performance. Indexes are used to quickly locate data without having to scan the entire table. When a join is performed, the database engine can use the indexes to quickly find the matching rows in the tables, which can improve performance.
Composite keys in database design: https://www.sitepoint.com/composite-keys-database-design/ Indexing in SQL databases: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.1/indexes.html

An Architect on a new project needs to review the existing Campaign solution. The current solution sends emails, SMS, and Push messages.
The customer currently has a mobile application that sends approximately 500.000 Push messages an hour.
The company wants to add another mobile application to alert customers about the start of upcoming television shows.
Volume estimates for Push messages for the new application are approximately 1.5 million per hour.
What should the Architect focus on first for the new design?

  • A. The number of dedicated Push MTAs in the solution
  • B. Whether any of the existing channels have overlapping deliveries planned
  • C. The Workflow that operates the push messaging activities
  • D. The integration of the Push SDK into the mobile application

Answer: D


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