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Profiler: This domain evaluates the skills of the specialists in the processes, such as:

  • Implementing probes
  • Applying profiler services
  • Applying CoA
  • Setting endpoint identity administration

What Topics Does 300-715 SISE Gauge?

This test will address a range of areas related to IT such as:

  • BYOD — in this part, applicants will have to explain the different features of Cisco BYOD including BYOD flow, solution tools, requirements, and cases for use, incorporate wireless LAN controllers & switches alongside internal CA to set up BYOD device on-boarding, change whitelists & blacklists, and adjust certificates for BYOD.
  • Deployment & Architecture — here, students must show that they can explain the different types of deployment approaches available and tweak personas.
  • Profiler — for this portion, candidates must show that they can deploy probes, install profiler services, incorporate CoA, and lastly, set up endpoint identity management.
  • Endpoint Agreements — in such a section, examinees will have to show they can explain posture services, elaborate endpoint agreements, describe client provisioning, set up client provisioning, posture conditions, function modes, and ISE posture agents, explain IT elements such as servers, authenticators, and supplicants, and lastly, adjust the agreement module.
  • Guest Services & Web Auth — in this domain, students will have to set up guest access services, set up web authentication, configure guest portals, and tweak sponsors.

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Cisco Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine Sample Questions (Q78-Q83):

A Cisco ISE server sends a CoA to a NAD after a user logs in successfully using CWA Which action does the CoA perform?

  • A. It triggers the NAD to reauthenticate the client
  • B. It terminates the client session
  • C. It applies the downloadable ACL provided in the CoA
  • D. It applies new permissions provided in the CoA to the client session.

Answer: C


Which two values are compared by the binary comparison (unction in authentication that is based on Active Directory?

  • A. user-presented certificate and a certificate stored in Active Directory
  • B. user-presented password hash and a hash stored in Active Directory
  • C. MS-CHAPv2 provided machine credentials and credentials stored in Active Directory
  • D. subject alternative name and the common name

Answer: D

Basic certificate checking does not require an identity source. If you want binary comparison checking for the certificates, you must select an identity source. If you select Active Directory as an identity source, subject and common name and subject alternative name (all values) can be used to look up a user. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/ise/1-3/admin_guide/b_ise_admin_guide_13/ b_ise_admin_guide_sample_chapter_01110.html

Drag the steps to configure a Cisco ISE node as a primary administration node from the left into the correct order on the night.


https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/ise/2-4/admin_guide/b_ise_admin_guide_24/b_ise_admin_guide Step 1 Choose Administration > System > Deployment.
The Register button will be disabled initially. To enable this button, you must configure a Primary PAN.
Step 2
Check the check box next to the current node, and click Edit.
Step 3
Click Make Primary to configure your Primary PAN.
Step 4
Enter data on the General Settings tab.
Step 5
Click Save to save the node configuration.

Which two task types are included in the Cisco ISE common tasks support for TACACS+ profiles?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Firepower
  • B. WLC
  • C. ASA
  • D. Shell
  • E. IOS

Answer: B,D

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/ise/2-1/admin_guide/b_ise_admin_guide_21/b_ise_admin_guide TACACS+ ProfileTACACS+ profiles control the initial login session of the device administrator. A session refers to each individual authentication, authorization, or accounting request. A session authorization request to a network device elicits an ISE response. The response includes a token that is interpreted by the network device, which limits the commands that may be executed for the duration of a session. The authorization policy for a device administration access service can contain a single shell profile and multiple command sets.
The TACACS+ profile definitions are split into two components:
* Common tasks
* Custom attributes
There are two views in the TACACS+ Profiles page (Work Centers > Device Administration > Policy Elements > Results > TACACS Profiles)-Task Attribute View and Raw View. Common tasks can be entered using the Task Attribute View and custom attributes can be created in the Task Attribute View as well as the Raw View.
The Common Tasks section allows you to select and configure the frequently used attributes for a profile. The attributes that are included here are those defined by the TACACS+ protocol draft specifications. However, the values can be used in the authorization of requests from other services. In the Task Attribute View, the ISE administrator can set the privileges that will be assigned to the device administrator. The common task types are:
* Shell
* Nexus
* Generic
The Custom Attributes section allows you to configure additional attributes. It provides a list of attributes that are not recognized by the Common Tasks section. Each definition consists of the attribute name, an indication of whether the attribute is mandatory or optional, and the value for the attribute. In the Raw View, you can enter the mandatory attributes using a equal to (=) sign between the attribute name and its value and optional attributes are entered using an asterisk (*) between the attribute name and its value. The attributes entered in the Raw View are reflected in the Custom Attributes section in the Task Attribute View and vice versa. The Raw View is also used to copy paste the attribute list (for example, another product's attribute list) from the clipboard onto ISE. Custom attributes can be defined for nonshell services.

An engineer is configuring a virtual Cisco ISE deployment and needs each persona to be on a different node.
Which persona should be configured with the largest amount of storage in this environment?

  • A. Platform Exchange Grid
  • B. Primary Administration
  • C. Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • D. policy Services

Answer: C


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