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Google Google-Workspace-Administrator Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Troubleshoot workspace access and performance
  • Classify and mitigate basic email attacks
Topic 2
  • Implement and manage Google Workspace configurations based on corporate policies
  • Managing rollout of new Google functionality to end users
Topic 3
  • Configuring Secure Transport compliance
  • Configuring attachment compliance
Topic 4
  • Configure and manage Google Groups for Business. Considerations
  • Configure shared drives. Considerations
Topic 5
  • Configuring security and data region
  • Managing content compliance rules
  • Configuring phishing settings
Topic 6
  • Configure and implement data governance policies
  • Removing connected applications and sites
Topic 7
  • Configure user authentication
  • Describe how to manage third-party applications

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Google Cloud Certified - Professional Google Workspace Administrator Sample Questions (Q22-Q27):

When reloading Gmail in Chrome, the web browser returns a 500 Error. As part of the troubleshooting process, Google support asks you to gather logs. How can this be accomplished?

  • A. Chrome > Window Context Menu > More Tools > Developer Tools > Network Tab > Reload the page to replicate the error > "Export HAR"
  • B. > Reporting > Reports > Apps Reports > Gmail
  • C. chrome://net-export > Start Logging to Disk > Confirm validity with
  • D. Chrome > Window Context Menu > More Tools > Task Manager > Screen Capture List of Running Processes

Answer: A


As the Workspace Administrator, you have been asked to delete a temporary Google Workspace user account in the marketing department. This user has created Drive documents in My Documents that the marketing manager wants to keep after the user is gone and removed from Workspace. The data should be visible only to the marketing manager. As the Workspace Administrator, what should you do to preserve this user's Drive data?

  • A. In the user deletion process, select "Transfer" in the data in other apps section and add the manager's email address.
  • B. Ask the user to create a folder under MyDrive, move the documents to be shared, and then share that folder with the marketing team manager.
  • C. Use Google Vault to set a retention period on the OU where the users reside.
  • D. Before deleting the user, add the user to the marketing shared drive as a contributor and move the documents into the new location.

Answer: A


Several customers have reported receiving fake collection notices from your company. The emails were received from [email protected], which is the valid address used by your accounting department for such matters, but the email audit log does not show the emails in question. You need to stop these emails from being sent.
What two actions should you take? (Choose two.)

  • A. Disable "Allow users to automatically forward incoming email to another address."
  • B. Configure a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record for your domain.
  • C. Configure Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) to authenticate email.
  • D. Change the password for suspected compromised account [email protected]
  • E. Disable mail delegation for the [email protected] account.

Answer: B,C


You act as the Google Workspace Administrator for a company that has just acquired another organization. The acquired company will be migrated into your Workspace environment in 6 months. Management has asked you to ensure that the Google Workspace users you currently manage can efficiently access rich contact information in Workspace for all users. This needs to occur before the migration, and optimally without additional expenditure. What step do you take to populate contact information for all users?

  • A. Prepare an uploadable file to be distributed to your end users that allows them to add the acquired company's user contact information to their personal contacts.
  • B. Provision and license Google Workspace accounts for the acquired company's users because they will need accounts in the future.
  • C. Bulk-upload the contact information for these users via CSV into the Google Directory.
  • D. Use the Domain Shared Contacts API to upload contact information for the acquired company's users.

Answer: D

The Domain Shared Contacts API lets your applications get and update external contacts that are shared with all users in a Google Workspace domain. Shared contacts are visible to all users of a Google Workspace domain and all Google services have access to the contact list

Your client is a 5,000-employee company with a high turn-over rate that requires them to add and suspend user accounts. When new employees are onboarded, a user object is created in Active Directory. They have determined that manually creating the users in Google Workspace Admin Panel is time-consuming and prone to error. You need to work with the client to identify a method of creating new users that will reduce time and error.
What should you do?

  • A. Install Google Cloud Directory Sync on all Domain Controllers.
  • B. Install Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook on all employees' computers.
  • C. Install Google Apps Manager to automate add-user scripts.
  • D. Install Google Cloud Directory Sync on a supported server.

Answer: D



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