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Amazon AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Sample Questions (Q248-Q253):

A company s website runs on an Amazon EC2 instance and uses Auto Scale the environment during peak times Website users across the world are experiencing high to sea latency due to static content on the EC2 instance, even during non-peak hours.
Which combination of steps will resolve the latency issue? (Select TWO )

  • A. Create an Amazon CloudFront distribution to cache the static content
  • B. Store the application's static content in Amazon S3
  • C. Host the application code on AWS Lambda
  • D. Double the Auto Scaling group's maximum number of servers.
  • E. Scale vertically by resizing the EC2 instances

Answer: A,E

A company is building a compute-intensive application that will run on a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances. The application uses attached Amazon EBS disks for storing dat a. The application will process sensitive information and all the data must be encrypted.
What should a developer do to ensure the data is encrypted on disk without impacting performance?

  • A. Create a new Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with an encrypted root volume and store the data to ephemeral disks.
  • B. Configure the Amazon EC2 instance fleet to use encrypted EBS volumes for storing data
  • C. Add logic to write all data to an encrypted Amazon S3 bucket
  • D. Add a custom encryption algorithm to the application that will encrypt and decrypt all data

Answer: B

A developer is provided with an HTTPS clone URL for an AWS CodeCommit repository.
What needs to be configured before cloning this repository?

  • A. Generate encryption keys using AWS CloudHSM, then export the key for use with AWS CodeCommit.
  • B. Use AWS KMS to set up public and private keys for use with CodeCommit.
  • C. Set up the Git credential helper to use an AWS credential profile, and enable the helper to send the path to the repositories.
  • D. Use AWS certificate manager to provision public and private SSL/TLS certificates.

Answer: C

AWS credential profile, and enabling the Git credential helper to send the path to repositories:

A developer is creating an application to process a large number of requests Requests must be processed in order, and each request should be processed only once How should Amazon SQS be deployed to achieve this7

  • A. Use an SQS FIFO queue to process requests
  • B. Use the SetOrder attribute to ensure sequential request processing
  • C. Configure First in First out (FIFO) delivery in a standard Amazon SQS queue to process requests.
  • D. Convert the standard queue to a FIFO queue by renaming the queue to use the fifo suffix.

Answer: C

An application deployed on AWS Elastic Beanstalk experiences increased error rates during deployments of new application versions, resulting in service degradation for users. The Development team believes that this is because of the reduction in capacity during the deployment steps. The team would like to change the deployment policy configuration of the environment to an option that maintains full capacity during deployment while using the existing instances.
Which deployment policy will meet these requirements while using the existing instances?

  • A. Rolling with additional batch
  • B. Rolling
  • C. All at once
  • D. Immutable

Answer: D



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