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Learning Concepts of CIMA P3: Risk Management Exam

CIMA P3: Risk Management Exam Guide

Short time Preparation Steps of the Exam

The CIMA P3: Risk Management exam is a part of the advanced level business and finance syllabus. On top of that, it generates predictions regarding the data that is accessible to the administration. For that reason, it is worth focusing on the risk management of the business. On the exam, there are 6 questions related to this subject. There are 3 different exercises that are designed to reveal whether you have a basic or advanced knowledge of this subject. In this article, we will give you the specifications of each subject and a short time preparation guide. CIMA P3 Dumps will help you to take the certification exam and get your CIMA P3: Risk Management Certification.

Certification Path for CIMA P3: Risk Management Exam

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Cost of the CIMA P3: Risk Management Exam

The cost of the CIMA P3: Risk Management Exam is 300 US Dollars.

CIMA Risk Management Sample Questions (Q74-Q79):

A project has a net present value of $2 million.
Total cash outflows of this project have a present value of $14 million, which includes staff costs of $10 million.
What is the project's sensitivity to staff costs?

  • A. 14%
  • B. 71%
  • C. 20%
  • D. 63%

Answer: C

Company W produces mobile phone components and has recently tendered for a substantial contract. The results of the tendering process will not become available until three months from now. If the company is successful it will require 2,000 units of a commodity which is currently traded in an open commodity market for $740 per unit. However, there has been speculation that this commodity could increase substantially in price over the next three months and so the company is considering purchasing the commodity now and storing it for three months.
The funds to buy the commodity would be borrowed at an annual interest rate of 7% and the storage cost of the product would be $5.40 per unit per month. The storage costs would be paid at the end of the three month storage period.
Which of the following represents the gain or loss (to the nearest thousand dollars) that will accrue to Company W assuming that the price of the commodity rises to $800 in three months' time?

  • A. $16,000 loss
  • B. $62,000 gain
  • C. $88,000 gain
  • D. $95,000 gain

Answer: B

P Ltd, a manufacturing company, is considering a new capital investment project to set up a new production line. The initial appraisal shows a healthy net present value of $6,465 million at a discount rate of 10% as shown in the table below:
However, management is unsure about the demand for the product which will be produced and has insisted that the future revenues should be reduced to certainity equivalents by taking 70%, 65% and 60% of the years
1,2, and 3 cash inflows respectively.
What should P do?

  • A. Re-appraise the project using other capital appraisal techniques to get a more balanced view.
  • B. Stop the project, it has considerable risk.
  • C. Put pressure on sales and marketing to re-verify their forecasts.
  • D. Proceed with the project, it has a healthy net present value.

Answer: A

The Head of IT Security has been asked to conduct a detailed forensic analysis of a suspected data breach that ted to customer credit card details being intercepted.
Which TWO of the following would be suitable objectives for such a forensic analysis?

  • A. Developing an understanding of the vulnerabilities that led to the breach
  • B. The collection of evidence that can be used to convict the perpetrators of the breach.
  • C. Identifying customers whose details have been stolen
  • D. Recovering the stolen credit card details before they can be abused by criminals
  • E. Preventing the credit card companies from blaming the entity for fraudulent charges

Answer: A,C

S is a senior production manager for LK, which is about to set up a new production line requiring S4 million of new specialist equipment.
S's daughter goes to school and is friends with the daughter of R.
the sales manager in GG. GG is a potential supplier of the specialist equipment that LK requires.
R owns a holiday home. S's daughter regularly accompanies R's daughter on family vacations at this holiday home, all at R's expense.
S is the only person working for LK who is qualified to select the specialist equipment. GG will definitely bid for the sale.
What should S do?

  • A. S should declare an interest and withdraw from the assessment process.
  • B. S should declare an interest, giving details of his daughter's friendship with R's daughter, but should participate fully in the assessment process
  • C. S should permit GG to bid, but should insist that R should not be involved.
  • D. S should exclude GG from the bidding process.

Answer: B


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