Timeline For Building A Perfect Website


When you ask for a quotation of a website, generally the developers take a minimum time to understand the plan and execution. Although now days, many freelancers take one or two days to develop a website and there are also few people who challenges to build WordPress website within an hour. All you can say is a serious alarming situation as a proper customised website can take days and months to develop.

Let us go through some of the essential indications that are followed by most of the developers while calculating the timeline of building a website.

  •         Research & Plan – To grab the web design services, we always look for the best companies. But these companies and their experts often take time to analyse about the timeline by which we will get our website ready. This is because the experts take time to understand the goal of the brand, their range of products, the customers that will be targeted and what will be the selling process. Therefore for research and planning, it might take approximately 80 hours.
  •         Creation of Content – Even if you search for the top web design company, they too will have to think about the creation of content in your website. Nothing in this world is readymade. From getting practical and appealing content to videos, visuals, audio content, calls to action, page titles, headings, and keywords that needs to be optimized takes time. This takes almost 80 hours to decide.
  •         UI/UX Design – Almost after 48 hours, you will be able to decide and finalise the visually appealing designs and user-friendly functionalities. For creating the mock-ups, the designer might be using the wireframes and content from the previous stages. This will help in giving a pixel-perfect representation of the desired website’s look. This mock-up will include mobile view, landing/homepage design and internal pages.

Coding or Web Development – Once the design and content creation are done, you can start with the Front-end developments. Only the best web design company can arrange for third party services or backend team if the website needs complex queries and integration. All these will be justified and tested without compromising 1% of the ·         quality of the product and the reputation of the brand. This process might take approximately 18 hours.

  •         Final Testing & Modification – Before submitting the project to the clients and as well as before launching the website, developers are in need to run and test the full functionality of the website. It must be checked whether the website needs any complex queries, assimilation with third-party services. Testing also helps in ensuring the quality of the product and the final look of the website. Almost 8 hours is needed for this process.
  •         Official Launch – Once all the benchmarks get tick and the full functionality testing is over, it is the time to launch the official website of your brand. This launch might take a day or two if it’s not a complex website. Once the website is launched, few revisions can be done easily. This hardly requires 7 to 8 hours.

Therefore, the overall timeline might take 240 hours in total for a mind-blowing and flawless website.  

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