Excel formulas in Microsoft Office suite's spreadsheet editor allow the user to make the most of documents, from essential functions such as percentage, addition, and subtraction formulas to more advanced features, such as locating data in spreadsheets. The program has built-in mathematical commands and operations, allowing you to automatically make complex calculations and fill them in.

If you want to learn how to use Microsoft Excel in a more advanced way, check out the program's main formulas, which are the most used for all situations, according to Microsoft itself.



sumifs function in excel Adds values ​​from a specified range only if they pass a logical test.




 vlookup excel Looks for certain values ​​in specific cells and returns the value of another cell in the same row.



 Searches for the result in a specific row and column within a specified set of cells.


Anyone can locate a piece of data in a table or vertical and horizontal ranges by using the Xlookup function. For instance, a user can identify a certain name in a spreadsheet by entering the person's phone number or ID number. The data can also appear in a cell that is not directly adjacent. The method finds the closest match if it can't discover an exact match for the data you gave.


Xlookup guidance

The following advice can assist you in making better use of the Xlookup function in your spreadsheet:

  • For transferring data between workbooks, use xlookup. This function allows you to compare and find data between open spreadsheets with the least amount of time and effort.
  • To save time, think about employing a binary search. Consider a binary search after sorting your data since it consumes less RAM throughout the query. If you're working with enormous data sets, this could be advantageous because it could speed up the querying process.
  • The count of all selected cells is counted in the count function in excel,the COUNT () algorithm. Blank cells and data in forms other than numeric will not be counted.


Applications of MS Excel in daily life

The need for rapid fixes and cutting-edge approaches to comprehending and resolving everyday issues is at an all-time high, given people's quick and advancing way of life.



  • Excel Usage for Students and Teachers:

Table styles, charts, shapes, data tools, and other formulas can all be used to the best effect by teachers to instruct students in the classroom. Students can improve their learning abilities by using Excel to answer simple, logical statistics and mathematical issues.


  • Planning and Goal Setting using Excel:

Setting goals and making plans are examples of daily repetitive tasks. Every person is involved in goal setting and planning, including business owners, students, and housekeepers. With the help of MS Excel, this process has become effective, quick, easy, and ecologically friendly.


  • How Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Can Utilize Excel:

Many millennials worldwide want to start their own businesses, which calls for effective planning and analysis of team performance, work progress, business progress, and payout details. Each firm, whether new or old, can profit from using excel.