If you have a question in your mind Why WordPress is a better option for web development? So, the answer is here, to know the advantages of WordPress for web development.

WordPress is one of the most used platforms for website development across the world. WordPress covers approximately 35% of overall website development than other custom web development platforms.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS), it is designed to organize and display content on your website. Content means Everything that shows on your website, from header to footer with subpages, contact forms, blogs, and others.

Here are some reasons behind choosing WordPress as a web development framework.

1. Affordable Pricing

When you are running a small business budget WordPress is a better option. You will only pay for web hosting and buy a premium theme instead of a free one. If you don’t need to buy premium tools WordPress offers you to go with a free website.


2. Open-source

WordPress is an open-source platform that can install, modify, and distribute when they need. WordPress source code is accessible to everyone and developers can create tools and extensions to share with the public.


3. Easy to Use

WordPress is the most flexible and powerful platform still it is easy to use for beginners. With a simple dashboard and menu bar, it can easily create posts, and pages, customize design, and more in a simple and easy way.


4. SEO friendly

WordPress is one of the most SEO-friendly web development platforms that offers many powerful SEO plugins. You can use high-quality code to create semantic markup. WordPress CMS makes it much easy for search engines to crawl the website and its pages. There are built-in tools and plugins to optimize your website to follow SEO best practices.


5. Secure

As an open-source CMS, WordPress is vulnerable to security purposes. WordPress provides password protection for folder content like enhanced security features. There are many plugins that can help to make your websites secure.


6. Flexible

WordPress offers to use as a basic web platform to publish a blog post and use for your business website with add-on widgets and plugins to add functionality. WordPress flexibility offers simple blog posting to a fully functional website through its flexible structure.


7. WooCommerce Integration

If you want to build an eCommerce website for an online store. WordPress can easily convert your website into an eCommerce store with an easy WooCommerce plugin. That’s why WordPress is popular for eCommerce web development.


8. Customize the design

WordPress offers a wide range of themes with free and paid options. That enables you to change your website design, and layouts easily and fast. This makes it helpful for a non-technical person to change the design of a website easily.


9. Wide community

WordPress community is very large that offers huge online help through its community. It is very easy to resolve issues with the help of the WordPress community.


10. Multi-user compatibility

WordPress allows multiple user access with Administrators. If you have a website with multiple users like authors, editors, and content creators to have access to the CMS, you can assign different roles with different levels of access. WordPress multi-user capability helps subscribers access and edit their profile and leave a comment on any post but with limited access.


Bottom line

Suppose you want a website that looks professional and is easy to set up and maintain. In that case, WordPress is the best option to beat other web development platforms such as Python web development, or Yii development. If you want to build a simple blog posting site into a highly functioned business website hire a WordPress web development company that provides an appropriate and suitable solution as per your need.