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Nutanix NCA-6.5 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Describe how to access Prism Central and Prism Element
  • Describe Nutanix Fundamental Concepts
Topic 2
  • Explain Virtual Infrastructure Administration
  • Describe Nutanix storage architecture and features
Topic 3
  • Identify and monitor LCM software and firmware
  • Describe Life Cycle Management (LCM)
Topic 4
  • Identify differences between Prism Central and Prism Element
  • Describe Life Cycle Management
Topic 5
  • Differentiate between VM, node, and cluster performance metrics
  • Interpret alerts and events
Topic 6
  • Identify VM, network, and node configuration
  • Describe components of a Nutanix cluster
Topic 7
  • Describe Nutanix architectural concepts Identify Nutanix products by use case
Topic 8
  • Desbribe the benefits of Pulse
  • Explain Cluster Alerts and Monitoring Administration

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Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA) v6.5 exam Sample Questions (Q87-Q92):

A customer is running a three-node Nutanix cluster.
Which data optimization feature cannot be enabled in this scenario?

  • A. Post Compression
  • B. Erasure Coding
  • C. Inline Compression
  • D. Map-reduce dedup

Answer: C

Which Component Allows you to pair sites for disaster Recovery Policy Creation Using Nutanix Leap?

  • A. Protection Domains
  • B. Availability Zones
  • C. Protection Policies
  • D. Recovery Plans

Answer: B

A New Project is Being rolled out to an AHV Cluter being monitored by prism Central , The Application team indicated that the application managed by the project is very memory intensive . The administrator wants to be notified about any memory constraints should they occour.
How would an administrator most effectively achieve this task?

  • A. Create a new metric chart for the cluster and analyse hypervisor Memory Usage
  • B. Search for the VM , then in the details page , go to metrics an select CPU usage.
  • C. Create a new alert policy for the memory Usage and set to critical after 80%.
  • D. Create a Report to tracking the memory Usage

Answer: C

An administrator wants to view VMs with NGT Installed and Filter by their installed guest operating systems.
How can this task most quickly be accomplished within prism central?

  • A. Create a custome Focus using the OS Column
  • B. In the VM dashboard , filter by the nutanix Guest tools - OS field
  • C. Use a pre-defined Prism Central report
  • D. use the Prism central analysis Panel to create a pie chart by OSType

Answer: B

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Assuming Sufficient Storage Capacity , how long are entities kept in the prism recycle bin?

  • A. 1 week
  • B. 1 month
  • C. 24 hours
  • D. 8 hours

Answer: C


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