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HP HPE6-A73 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Given the implementation plan, explain how to configure Layer 2 technologies
  • Given an implementation plan, explain how to physically configure the switches
Topic 2
  • Given a scenario, identify a network failure
  • Given a scenario with a design and
  • or customer requirements, determine an appropriate implementation plan
Topic 3
  • Analyze data that represents the operational state of a network and determine the appropriate action
  • Explain Aruba Switch security features and configuration concepts
Topic 4
  • Given an action plan to remediate an issue, determine the implications to the network state
  • Determine a strategy to implement configuration management
Topic 5
  • Explain Aruba solutions integration and configuration concepts
  • Manage, maintain, optimize, and monitor the wired network solution

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The going with will be inspected in HP HPE6-A73 exam dumps:

  • Install and arrange the wired organization arrangement
  • Install and Configure NetEdit
  • Given an activity intend to remediate an issue, decide the ramifications to the organization state
  • Explain multicast highlights and arrangement ideas
  • Explain QoS Aruba Switch highlights and setup ideas
  • Troubleshoot the wired organization arrangement
  • Manage, look after, advance, and screen the wired organization arrangement
  • Given the execution plan, disclose how to design Layer 2 advancements
  • Explain Aruba Switch security highlights and setup ideas
  • Given an execution plan, disclose how to truly arrange the switches
  • Given a situation, distinguish an organization disappointment (IP confound, VLAN bungle, equipment arrangement or disappointment, port design)

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HP Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam Sample Questions (Q49-Q54):

The two PCs are located in VLAN 11 (10 1 11 0/24} Which example defines how to implement active gateway on the vsx core for VLAN 11?

  • A. Option
  • B. Option
  • C. Option
  • D. Option

Answer: D

An administrator will be replacing a campus switching infrastructure with AOS-CX switches that support VSX capabilities. The campus involves a core, as well as multiple access layers. Which feature should the administrator implement to allow both VSX-capable core switches to process traffic sent to the default gateway in the campus VLANs?

  • A. VRF
  • B. Active gateway
  • C. VRRP
  • D. IP helper

Answer: B

Active gateway = both devices route/forward traffic VRRP = Active-standbye, only active member routes/forwards traffic Understand the Active Gateway principle In a VSX system, active gateway provides redundant default gateway functionality for the end-hosts. The default gateway of the end-host is automatically handled by both the VSX systems.

An administrator has an aggregation layer of 8325CX switches configured as a VSX pair. The administrator is concerned that when OSPF network changes occur, the aggregation switches will respond to the changes slowly, and this will affect network connectivity, especially VoIP calls, in the connected access layer switches.
What should the administrator do on the aggregation layer switches to alleviate this issue?D18912E1457D5D1DDCBD40AB3BF70D5D

  • A. Implement route aggregation
  • B. Implement bidirectional forwarding detection (BFD)
  • C. Reduce the hello and dead interval timers
  • D. Implement graceful restart

Answer: B

An administrator is implementing a multicast solution in a multi-VLAN network Which statement is true about theconfiguration of the switches in the network?

  • A. IGMP must be enabled on all routed interfaces where multicast traffic will traverse
  • B. IGMP requires join and leave messages to graft and prune multicast streams between switches
  • C. IGMP snooping must be enabled on all interfaces on a switch to intelligently forward traffic
  • D. IGMP must be enabled on alt interfaces where multicast sources and receivers are connected

Answer: B

How is voice traffic prioritized correctly on AOS-CX switches?

  • A. By implementing weighted fair queueing (WFQ)
  • B. By defining device profiles with QOS settings
  • C. By implementing voice VLANs
  • D. By placing it in the strict priority queue

Answer: C


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