Salesforce的B2B-Solution-Architect考試認證一直都是IT人士從不缺席的認證,因為它可以關係著他們以後的命運將如何。Salesforce的B2B-Solution-Architect考試培訓資料是每個考生必備的考前學習資料,有了這份資料,考生們就可以義無反顧的去考試,這樣考試的壓力也就不用那麼大,而VCESoft這個網站裏的培訓資料是考生們最想要的獨一無二的培訓資料,有了VCESoft Salesforce的B2B-Solution-Architect考試培訓資料,還有什麼過不了。

Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect 考試大綱:

主題 1
  • Define appropriate strategies that balance resources and effort to deliver an effective and efficient delivery method
  • Synchronize data across systems to support a multi-cloud B2B solution
主題 2
  • Given a defined future state B2B multi-cloud solution architecture alongside business requirements
  • Define the functional and technical solution
主題 3
  • Eensure that stakeholders are appropriately enabled to manage the solution moving forward
  • Define the strategy to migrate data
主題 4
  • Design and map a sharing and visibility model for a B2B multi-cloud Salesforce solution
  • Given the identified business needs, vision, and current customer landscape
主題 5
  • Define the future blueprint architecture of a B2B multi-cloud Salesforce solution in order to define the product roadmap
  • Given information gathered during discovery
主題 6
  • Define the incremental steps necessary to reach the recommended future end state that supports business outcomes
  • choose the preferred method for integrating data across different clouds
主題 7
  • Determine how to facilitate adoption in order for the business to benefit from a B2B multi-cloud solution
  • Identify design options and their associated risks
主題 8
  • Determine how to further improve the solution to ensure business benefits are continuously realized
  • Given a scenario in which a customer wants a B2B multi-cloud solution

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Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect 認證考試是一個檢驗IT專業知識的認證考試。VCESoft是個能幫你快速通過Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect 認證考試的網站,很多參加Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect 認證考試的人花費大量的時間和精力,或者花錢報補習班,都是為了通過Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect 認證考試。VCESoft可以讓你不需要花費那麼多時間,金錢和精力,VCESoft會為你提供針對性訓練來準備Salesforce B2B-Solution-Architect認證考試,僅需大約20個小時你就能通過考試。

最新的 Architect Exams B2B-Solution-Architect 免費考試真題 (Q49-Q54):

問題 #49
After a Solution Architect presents the Salesforce User Attribute Chart, the project owner has some concerns and questions regarding the Role Hierarchy choices for the executive assistant who reports to all of the VPs. There are also questions about the ideal license given to the CEO who provides executive oversight and reviews the Executive Dashboard at the end of each accounting period. There are some restrictions on budget spend for overall licenses, and the user base is forecasted to continue to grow.
Which two explanations should the Solution Architect use to address the concerns and gain final acceptance?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. The CEO should have a Sales Cloud license given that the role is a processor of information and should be at the top of the Role Hierarchy.
  • B. The Role Hierarchy should mirror the organization chart. Therefore, sharing settings need to be put in place for the executive assistant given the need to have access to the data of all of the VPs being supported.
  • C. The CEO should have a Platform Plus license given that the role is a consumer of information and should be at the top of the Role Hierarchy.
  • D. Given that the executive assistant will need access to the data for all of the VPs being supported, the assistant should be placed higher up in the Role Hierarchy than the VPs.


問題 #50
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is in the middle of the buildout of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Sales Cloud. NTO has multiple business units, and each business unit has different access to lead and contact records. NTO wants to see how marketing data Sharing Rules are working across different business units to ensure that different business units can only see lead or contact records for their business unit.
What should a Solution Architect demo to the Marketing team to show that the different business units are connected correctly?

  • A. It's not possible to have sandboxes with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, and the Solution Architect will need to demo this with a Salesforce Sandbox fixed to a live Marketing Cloud Account Engagement environment.
  • B. Create a dynamic list m multiple business units with the same rules, and show the total leads and contacts m the list per business unit.
  • C. Send test emails from Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to the same Iist of leads and contacts to show each lead or contact receiving emails from the various business units.
  • D. Create a report in 626 Marketing Analytics to show the different business units and the total leads and contacts in each business unit.


問題 #51
Universal Containers (UC) is adding to its existing Salesforce implementation and currently uses Saks Cloud and Service Cloud. UC is looking to add Salesforce Field Service and Experience Cloud to allow its third-party contractors easier access to the data they need and to provide its customers a way to self-service.
UC has expressed interest m allowing its customers to be able to self-schedule maintenance work on their Assets. UC wants a solution to display scheduling options for the next month to its customers.
What should a Solution Architect consider m a potential solution?

  • A. Salesforce Scheduler
  • B. Lightning Web Components Calendar Module
  • C. Appointment-Assistant Self Service Scheduling
  • D. Standard Salesforce Asset Calendar


問題 #52
A team at Universal Containers (UC) is currently working on an initial release of Service Cloud. However, UC's management team is very enthusiastic about new features of the platform and wants to go to market with the new Service Cloud solution as soon as possible. The current objective of their initial Service Cloud release is mostly about managing their case workload and case assignment processes. A Solution Architect is called into a management meeting and asked when UC can go live with automated chatbots, Einstein case classification, and CRM Analytics for data insights.
How should a Solution Architect respond to the management team considering their request for these new capabilities'?

  • A. Explain to the management team that these features are still evolving and that it is best to wait a few releases so that they are stable before starting to use them in production.
  • B. Agree with the management team to postpone the go-live and increase the scope to include the desired features.
  • C. Explain the long-term vision and roadmap, and then propose a logical phasing in which the planned minimum viable product (MVP) is the first step on the journey that will eventually include the desired features.
  • D. Agree that the new features are crucial to the success of the initiative and swap parts of the current scope for the most innovative feature.


問題 #53
Ohana Cirrus (OC) has around 1,500 support agents working in its global support center operating 24/7 across multiple channels. This center handles around 30,000 cases per day. OC currently uses a custom-developed solution to manage customer complaints and is planning to replace it with a new Salesforce solution. The current system contains more than 250 million records including some still being processed.
Which three recommendations should a Solution Architect suggest to migrate to the new application in the most efficient manner?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Migrate archived data to Heroku and active and semi-active data to Salesforce.
  • B. Migrate all complaint records m the Case object to provide a 360-degree customer view.
  • C. Use an EU tool that uses the Salesforce Bulk API to migrate the data from the legacy system to the new system.
  • D. Use an interface to copy data from the legacy complaint system to Salesforce using a scheduled MuleSoft batch.
  • E. Use Deferred Sharing Calculations to avoid record sharing calculations during data migration.


Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system to another1.
Data migration in Salesforce requires careful planning, preparation, and execution234.
Data migration best practices include setting up a data governance plan, focusing on data quality, creating templates, verifying proper transfer, and using appropriate tools2356.

問題 #54

我們VCESoft Salesforce的B2B-Solution-Architect考試認證資料是全球所有網站不能夠媲美的,當然這不僅僅是品質的問題,我們的品質肯定是沒得說,更重要的是我們VCESoft Salesforce的B2B-Solution-Architect考試認證資料適合所有的IT考試認證,它的使用性達到各個IT領域,所以我們VCESoft網站得到很多考生的關注,他們相信我們,依賴我們,這也是我們VCESoft網站所擁有的實力所體現之處,我們的考試培訓資料能讓你買了之後不得不向你的朋友推薦,並讚不絕口,因為它真的對你們有很大的幫助。