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Salesforce ARC-101 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Understand Use Cases for a UI Update Based on Data Changes Pattern
  • Understand the Importance of Integration
Topic 2
  • Understand Use Cases for a Request and Reply Pattern
  • Work with Large Data Volumes Using BULK API
Topic 3
  • Review Integration Regulatory Requirements
  • Send Data from Salesforce to External Applications Using Outbound Message
Topic 4
  • Translate Needs to Integration Requirements
  • Explore the Meaning of Single View of the Customer
Topic 5
  • Integrate Data from an External Data Source Using Salesforce Connect
  • Encrypt Your Data at Rest Using Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption
Topic 6
  • Build Event-Driven Applications Using Platform Events
  • Explore the Meaning of System Landscape
Topic 7
  • Build Event-Driven Applications Using Streaming API
  • Understand Use Cases for a Batch Data Synchronization Pattern
Topic 8
  • Understand When to Use Remote Site Settings
  • Call External APIs Programmatically Using Callouts
Topic 9
  • Explore Two-Way Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Call External APIs Declaratively Using External Services
Topic 10
  • Build Event-Driven Applications Using Change Data Capture
  • Understand the Benefits of Using Named Credentials

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Salesforce Design and Build Integration Solutions Sample Questions (Q30-Q35):

Which two system constraint questions should be considered when designing an integration to send orders from Salesforce to a fulfillment system?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Can the fulfillment system implement a contract-first Outbound Messaging interface?
  • B. Can the fulfillment system participate in idempotent design to avoid duplicate orders?
  • C. What latency is acceptable for orders to reach the fulfillment system?
  • D. Which system will validate order shipping addresses?

Answer: A,B

Northern Trail Outfitters' ERP is integrated with Salesforce and syncs several million contacts per day. To prevent specific data from syncing, the integration uses a SOQL query filtered by sharing hierarchy.
Which two things should an architect do to improve the performance of the integration?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Include selective criteria in query filters.
  • B. Include non-selective criteria in query filters.
  • C. Remove the sharing restrictions.
  • D. Remove the query filters.

Answer: A,C


Given the diagram below, a Salesforce org, middleware, and Historical data store (with
20million records and growing) exists with connectivity between them
Historical records are archived from Salesforce and moved to Historical Data store (which houses 20M records and growing; fine-tuned to be performant with search queries).
Call center agents use Salesforce, when reviewing occasional special cases, have requested access to view the related historical case items that relate to submit cases.
Which mechanism and patterns are recommended to maximize declarative configuration?

  • A. C Use an ESB tool with a fire and forget pattern and then publish a platform event for the requested historical data.
  • B. Use ESB tool with Data Virtualization pattern, expose OData endpoint, and then use Salesforce Connect to consume and display the External Object alongside with the Caseobject.
  • C. Use an ETL tool with a Batch Data Synchronization pattern to migrate historical data into Salesforce and into a custom object (historical data) related to Case object.
  • D. Use an ESB tool with Request-Reply pattern and then make a real-time Apex callout to the ESB endpoint to fetch and display component related to Case object

Answer: B

Universal Containers is a global financial company that sells financial products and services including, bank accounts, loans, and insurance. UC uses Salesforce Service cloud to service their customer via calls, live chat. The support agents would open bank accounts on the spot for customers who are inquiring about UC bank accounts.
UC Core banking system is the system of record for bank accounts and all accounts opened in salesforce have to be synced in real-time to the core banking system. Support agents need to inform the customers with the newly created bank account ID which has to be generated from the core banking system.
Which integration pattern is recommended for this use case?

  • A. Use salesforce platform event.
  • B. Use request and reply.
  • C. Use streaming API to generate push topic.
  • D. Use outbound message.

Answer: B

A large enterprise customer with the following system landscape is planning to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud.
The following business processes need to be supported in Salesforce:
1. Sales Consultants should be able to have access to current inventory.
2. Enterprise Resource Planning System(ERP) is the system of record for pricing information.
3. Quotes should be generated in Salesforce with pricing from ERP.
4. Sales Management uses a Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) tool to view Sales dashboards.
5. Master Data Management (MDM) is the system of record for customers and prospects.
6. Invoices should be accessible in Salesforce.
Which systems in the landscape should the Integration Consultant consider to be integrated with Salesforce to support the business requirements?

  • A. ERP, Invoices system, Data Warehouse and BI Tool
  • B. ERP, MDM, Data Warehouse, Invoices system
  • C. ERP, Inventory, Pricing Engine, Invoices system
  • D. ERP, MDM, BI tool and Data Warehouse

Answer: C


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