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Salesforce ANC-301 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Preparing Datasets with Recipes with Data Prep
  • Overview of the Dataflow Process
Topic 2
  • Establishing Your Users and Development Process
  • Discovery and Planning
Topic 3
  • Running, Monitoring, and Scheduling a Dataflow
  • Loading External CSV Data
Topic 4
  • Adding Quick Action Menus for Records in Tableau CRM
  • Overview of Extended Metadata (XMD)
Topic 5
  • Overview of Using Predicate Filters
  • SAQL Queries in a Tableau CRM Dashboard
Topic 6
  • Overview of User Access on the Tableau CRM Platform
  • Creating Tableau CRM Permission Sets

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Salesforce Implement and Manage Tableau CRM Sample Questions (Q151-Q156):

After loading data to Einstein Discovery and creating a story, the client asks the Einstein Consultant to explain the "Unexplained Bar" in the "Why it Happened" chart.
Which explanation is correct?

  • A. It should always be 0 or the model should not be used.
  • B. It shows the difference between the predicted outcome and the observed outcome.
  • C. It displays the difference between the analyzed data and the data not reviewed.
  • D. It only appears for outcomes that do not have an explanation.

Answer: B

A data architect wants to use a dataflow transformation to implement row-level security that is based on role hierarchy in Salesforce. Which transformation should be used to level the dataset hierarchy'

  • A. delta transformation
  • B. digest transformation
  • C. sfdcDigest transformation
  • D. flatten transformation

Answer: D

Maximum concurrent API Analytics calls per org

  • A. 0
  • B. 1
  • C. 2
  • D. 3

Answer: C

What are the two main parts of a lens/exploration?

  • A. Grouping
  • B. Measure
  • C. Visualization
  • D. Query
  • E. Dataset

Answer: A,C

Insights in a story show you how different variables and combinations of variables explain the variation of what kind of variable?

  • A. Tertiary variable
  • B. Explanatory variable
  • C. Outcome variable
  • D. Global variable
  • E. Local variable

Answer: C

When you configure the story, you tell Einstein Discovery to maximize/minimize the variable. The variable is 'outcome variable' in your story


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