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Salesforce ANC-301 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Implementing Team-Based Row-Level Security
  • Assigning Licenses and Permission Sets to Users
Topic 2
  • Overriding Security for Implementation and Testing
  • Implementing Ownership-Based Row-Level Security
Topic 3
  • Running, Monitoring, and Scheduling a Dataflow
  • Loading External CSV Data
Topic 4
  • Overview of Using Predicate Filters
  • SAQL Queries in a Tableau CRM Dashboard
Topic 5
  • Establishing Your Users and Development Process
  • Discovery and Planning
Topic 6
  • Overview of User Access on the Tableau CRM Platform
  • Creating Tableau CRM Permission Sets
Topic 7
  • Optimizing Dashboards for a Mobile Device
  • Dashboard Templates and Mobile Dashboards
Topic 8
  • Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL)
  • Building a Dashboard Using a Template

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Salesforce Implement and Manage Tableau CRM Sample Questions (Q32-Q37):

Which three things can be done with the Einstein Analytics Dashboard Inspector? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Automatically remove bottlenecks to make queries run faster.
  • B. See the final query for each step along with query results.
  • C. View all queries and the time it took to run each one.
  • D. View the total time required to run all queries.
  • E. Get a list of recommendations on how to improve the performance of the dashboard.

Answer: B,C,E

Which security feature can be used to give Regional Development Coordinator roles access to only their designated regions and seed bank orders?

  • A. Inherited security
  • B. Security predicates
  • C. Separate apps for each region
  • D. Sharing rules

Answer: B

A consultant created a dashboard using Einstein Analytics for her client, a shipping company. It sources data from very large datasets. Now the client has requested that the consultant add more steps to the dashboard.
To ensure that the dashboard has acceptable performance, what two actions should the consultant take? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Replace AggregateFlex steps with SAQL steps.
  • B. Split the steps and charts into different pages in a dashboard.
  • C. Avoid using conditional formatting.
  • D. Check if any steps can be reused for multiple purposes.

Answer: B,D

Yasmine told Danielle she's interested in using the artificial intelligence provided by Einstein Discovery to enhance analysis Mosaic probably wouldn't have considered through their own means. How can Danielle use Einstein Analytics to load data into Einstein Discovery?

  • A. It's not possible. Danielle will need to log into Einstein Discovery and import the data from there.
  • B. Data loaded into Einstein Analytics as datasets can then be used in Einstein Discovery without a separate load process.
  • C. Danielle needs a permission set containing the Download Analytics Data permission, then she can use the Export node to load data into Einstein Discovery.
  • D. Danielle needs a permission set containing the Upload External Data to Analytics permission, then she can log into Einstein Discovery and import the data from there.

Answer: B

Universal Containers reports that any selection in the List widget is not affecting the Pie chart in one of their Einstein Analytics dashboards. The step options associated with the List widget and Pie chart are shown in the graphic.
Which two changes can an Einstein Consultant implement to solve this issue, given that the steps are using the same dataset? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Use selection binding in the filters section of the step "Step_pie_1."
  • B. Enable the option "Apply filters from faceting" in the step "Step_pie_1."
  • C. Enable the option "Apply filters from faceting" in the step "Region_1."
  • D. Use selection binding in the filters section of the step "Region_1."

Answer: A,B


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